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  • 60 Ways to Keep/Lose Your Lover - Books, tapes and courses to help you meditate, love, relax,and improve the quality of your life. (Added: 5-Jun-2001)
  • A LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love - Download many FREE books by/about Dadaji. Find answers to life's deepest questions. 50+ pages & photo gallery. (Added: 18-Aug-1999)
  • A Yoga Booklet- 16 minute session - Invest in what you know the most about- yourself. Achieve one of your most important goals using your time wisely. Don't delay. Start Today (Added: 23-Apr-2002)
  • Bestselling Yoga Books (Added: 21-Jun-1999)
  • Chrissie Clarke Yoga - A Manual of Yoga Postures in Sequences for Home Use (Added: 15-Jul-2000)
  • DAVID SWENSON PRACTICE MANUAL - David's comprehensive practice manual for the ashtanga primary series. Spiral Bound with a hard cover - hundreds of photos. Chock full of information. Purchase it on line. (Added: 4-Jan-2000)
  • How We Live Our Yoga: Teachers and Practitioners on How Yoga - Searching, intimate essays about the meaning of yoga in contemporary lives. Yoga has become hip. Madonna does yoga. Sting does yoga. Gwyneth Paltrow takes classes at Jiva Mukti, the famous New York yoga studio. And it's not only a celebrity phenomenon: recent estimates of the number of yoga practitioners in the United States range from 8 to 10 million people. But yoga is more than regime of physical exercises: it is a religious and philosophic tradition that goes back at least 2500 years. As practitioners become more serious about the asanas, or physical postures, of hatha yoga, they often find themselves thinking more about what yoga means and provides in their own lives—about why they began to practice, what gifts it has given, how their lives are steeped in yoga. How We Live Our Yoga collects fourteen frank, moving, and thoughtful personal essays by passionate yoga practitioners. Yoga teacher Alison West dissects two corpses in her search to understand the concept of paradox in yoga. (Added: 5-Nov-2001)
  • Manuals of Yoga postures in sequences for home practice - These manuals show a series of Yoga sequences which are ideal for practice at home. As well as clear photographic illustrations of the postures there are clear explanatory notes with each sequence to guide the student through all the postures. (Added: 4-Jan-2002)
  • A Beginning Journey In Meditation - A "Beginning Journey in Meditation, "is a self-help spiritual book, written from a western perspective, encouraging the reader to begin their practice of meditation. This book will work as a bridge to help the reader's consciousness become aware, that any sincere person who practices meditation will obtain priceless benefits for everyday life. "Read it online" (Added: 8-Sep-2002)
  • Ajanta Enterprises Books from India - Featured Book: Therapeutic Yoga by J.T. Shah. Student of B.K.S. Iyengar (Added: 23-Jan-2002)
  • America España Planificacion Mercados - Noticias Newsletters Informacion Marketing Empresas Informaticas Administracion Inmobiliaria Investigacion (Added: 22-Aug-2002)
  • Ananda Marga Publications - New York Sector - Books, recordings and software covering spiritual and social philosophy, yoga, bio-psychology, history, biography, economics, music, vegetarian cooking and fiction, in English and Spanish. (Added: 3-Jun-2001)
  • Art Beyond Enlightenment - Our art is of higher tantric yoga as practiced by Siddhars of South India who went beyond enlightenment. Our website is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. (Added: 3-Feb-2003)
  • Attempt: The Journal of a Spiritual Journey in the Integral - A free online book. The journal of the spiritual journey in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by Auroarindam, a longtime sadhak under the guidance of his guru, the Mother, in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India, and as an early Auroville pioneer in India, and in North America. The online book contains over two hundred archival documents of the correspondence between the Mother and Auroaridam. (Added: 6-Jun-2001)
  • Aurobindo Books by Lotus Press - US editions of writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Integral Yoga. Also feature Ayurveda, Reiki, Classical Spiritual Text of India such as Gita, Upanishads, Rig Veda, Sankara, etc. (Added: 31-Oct-2000)
  • Ayurveda Books by Lotus Press - leading alternative health publisher with specialty in Ayurveda, Reiki and Energetic Healing modalities. (Added: 31-Oct-2000)
  • Babaji's Kriya Yoga & Publications - Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition. Books, videos and seminars. (Added: 19-Mar-2002)
  • Barbara Currie Yoga - What Yoga is, how I became involved in Yoga and more about me. You will also find a timetable for my Yoga classes and a brochure of my latest currently available Videos and Books. (Added: 6-Jul-2003)
  • Beautiful Soul - How to Receive Guidance from Heavenly Masters and Joyful Yoga & Samsara (Added: 20-Jun-2002)
  • Blue Dove Foundation Spiritual Books - Publishes and distributes spiritual books from saints and sages of all traditions, with a special focus on Indian saints, texts, and scriptures. (Added: 15-Oct-2000)
  • BOOKSAMILLION - Yoga books and other subjects with price discounts of 20% to 55% off selected titles. (Added: 6-Sep-1999)
  • BOOKWEAVER: Books For The Mind Body and Spirit - Online bookstore for Mind Body Spirit books, New Age, Astrology, Esoteric Teachings, Occult, Wicca, Philosophy, Paranormal Studies and Sufi Publications. Book titles listed by subject, easy to navigate and by online. Free UK delivery! (Added: 15-Mar-2001)
  • Breathe Smart: The Secret to Happiness, Health and Long Life - Breathe Smart is the first of the Smart Living Series. It present simple and easy ways to incorporate 'conscious' breathing into daily life. (Added: 29-Jul-2003)
  • Classical Yoga Press - Publications on spiritual life in general and Yoga/Hinduism specifically. (Added: 27-Aug-1999)
  • Dawn Horse Press - Publishers of the Spiritual Wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and of other selected authors, such as, Hans-Ulrich Rieker (The Yoga Of Light: the classic esoteric handbook of kundalini yoga), and Keith Dowman (The Divine Madman). (Added: 29-Jan-2002)
  • Devon School of Yoga (Added: 21-Jun-1999)
  • Dharma Communications - A not-for-profit religious book and multimedia publisher, dedicated to providing resources on Buddhism and world religions (Added: 19-Sep-2002)
  • eBOOKSTAND - Get your book published in 5 days for less than $200. We are your Eco-friendly, Electronic Publisher & Bookstore of Downloadable Electronic Books. (Added: 6-Sep-1999)
  • Emotional Yoga - Emotional Yoga is a ground breaking new yoga program taught by Bija Bennett. Emotional Yoga goes beyond fitness; it is the yoga of emotional healing and health, teaching you how to actively "stretch" your emotions and become more emotionally balanced, flexible, and strong. (Added: 13-Sep-2002)
  • Fast & Fun Food For People on the Go! - Over 250 Gourmet Natural Vegan Recipes! User Friendly format. International dishes with creative flair! (Added: 7-Aug-2003)
  • Fast Feng Shui for Singles: 108 Ways to Heal Your Home and A - This unique and insightful book guides you through each stage of the Relationship Cycle, showing you how to use the power of feng shui to shake off past disappointments and get Cupid on your side at last. Includes journaling exercises, meditations and rituals, tips for activating your social life, and advice for overcoming feng shui barriers to intimacy, communication, and commitment. Fast Feng Shui for Singles will prepare and inspire you to transform your home and heart into environments that welcome romance and support a lasting, loving relationship with the man or woman of your dreams! (Added: 30-Jun-2002)
  • Free Yoga book - A free Yoga book describes philosophy and posture and goes hand-in-hand with the free online class. (Added: 8-May-2003)
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika - The classic manual on Hatha Yoga. Contains the original Sanskrit, a new English translation, and photographs of all the asanas. (Added: 16-Jan-2003)
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika - The classic manual on Hatha Yoga. Contains the original Sanskrit, a new English translation, and photographs of all the asanas. (Added: 7-Apr-2003)
  • Healthy Travel - A comprehensive guide to healthy destinations in Australia and Bali including Yoga Schools; Ayurvedic Centres; Pilates; Retreats; Workshops; Spa's; Bathhouses; Organic Cafes; Martial Arts; Dance Classes; Teacher Trainings; Fitness Cnetres and loads more - includes full contact details, prices, descriptions. Buy online. (Added: 26-Jan-2003)
  • Heavenly Gardens Chandigarh - Offer free spiritual Books on Samadhi Yoga ,Sadhana Yoga,Vibhuti Yoga ,Kaivalya Yoga And Japuji Sahib and guidance to all interested in meditation practice for self-realization. (Added: 5-Jan-2001)
  • Himalayan Institute Press - Books, Audio & Video, and Products Over 60 titles in print on yoga and various topics; Guided meditations, seminars on tape, relaxation tapes and our music on both CD and cassette; Products for Health and Spirit. (Added: 8-Apr-2001)
  • Hindi Granth Karyalay - Books on Yoga and several other topics, in several languages including English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Prakrit and more. We also sell translations and dictionaries. (Added: 25-Jan-2000)
  • Holographic Meditation: The 12 Elixirs of Life - A groundbreaking 12-step practical guide for spiritual seekers. The book integrates science and mysticism into an innovative “holographic “ formula for life mastery and Self-realization. Introduces the “holographic mudras” and other visual meditation tools. HM is a modern invention designed for life challenges in the aquarian era. (Added: 7-Jan-2002)
  • Holy Book Yoga - This is an outstanding book on Kriyayoga by one of the greatest yogi of the day. It is Yoga – It's Mystery and Performing Art, written by Yogacharya Swami Srimad Sadhanananda Giri who authors several books in Bengali, claiming permanent importance in the world of theology. (Added: 12-Jan-2003)
  • In The High Energy Zone by Paul Deslauriers - A holistic view on energetic exchanges that occur in personal and organizational relationships. (Added: 14-Apr-2003)
  • IndianGyan: Alternative holistic health - Contains complete text from books on yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy and many other alternative natural therapies and holistic health (Added: 1-Feb-2001)
  • IndiaYogi - Yogi Shop - Various books on Religion & Ethics, Yoga, Philosophy, Tantra, History & Culture, Languages & Linguistics, Reference Works, Alternative Medicine, Jotish Vidya and many more...! (Added: 29-Oct-2001)
  • Inlight Books - Enlightening information on personal growth and wellness. The independent online bookstore with book reviews, news, and personalized services. (Added: 18-Aug-1999)
  • Khemraj Shrikrishnadass (Estd. 1871) - The oldest publishers of Indological (Religious) Books in India. (Added: 23-Jun-2001)
  • Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram - Publications@KYM, the publications department of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) strives to bring out quality publications through various media that highlight the teachings of srj Krishnamacharya which not only includes his great expertise in yoga, but also the vedas, vedanta and all over other schools of indian philosophy. In its quest to achieve this end, publications@KYM has brought out a number of publications that it would like to share with interested students and teachers from around the world (Added: 13-Apr-2001)
  • Looking for God - Looking for God, A Seeker's Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World, by Steven S. Sadleir, lists hundreds of spiritual paths, teachers, and practices. Extensive overview of the Baba's and Bhagawans, Swami's and Saints from around the world. (Added: 11-Aug-2002)
  • Lotus Press Spirituality and Alternative Health Publisher - US publisher of Sri Aurobindo's writings plus leader in Ayurveda, Reiki and alternative health themes (Added: 14-Jun-2003)
  • Lotus Yoga Teachers Association Bookstore - The LYTA Book Store is your source for books, tapes, videos, props, gifts and more. We are dedicated to providing Yoga Teachers and Students alike a convenient, affordable way to buy teaching and practice tools. (Added: 23-Nov-2002)
  • Mystic Unicorn Book Shop - Spiritual and metaphysical books, yoga, Wicca, herbs and spices, candles, essential oils, aromatherapy, incense, crystals, jewelry, fantasy gifts and much more. (Added: 20-Jun-2003)

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