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  • Ananda Ashram - Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York, is a spiritual center founded on the universal principles of Yoga and Vedanta and dedicated to East-West cultural exchange. Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, just over one hour northwest of New York City, Ananda Ashram offers a unique, inspirational environment well suited for a meditative retreat away from the stress of the city, for natural healing and exploration of the deeper aspects of life. Daily meditation programs and ongoing classes in Hatha Yoga, Sanskrit and classical Indian dance are offered, along with other educational and cultural events, special workshops and retreats. The Ashram was established in 1964 as the country center of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc. by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, then known as Ramamurti S. Mishra. It is open year-round and welcomes individuals of all faiths, origins and cultural backgrounds. (Added: 5-Apr-2000)
  • Atmananda Yoga & Holistic Center - Through the application of modern and ancient systems of health and healing, Atmananda is able to offer a wide variety of alternative lifestyle choices for the health and spiritually conscious. Atmananda Yoga finds the body to be one of the key entries into a state of Peace. Our yoga provides a path to consciousness and compassion. It grounds us through the body and throught the integration of the heart and mind. Then we may discover the beauty of our true self. The Atmananda Holistic Center provides a sacred space for the healing and balancing of the body, mind, and spirit. Atmananda allows access to energy everywhere, thus enhancing our ability to experience the celebration of life... (Added: 17-Apr-2001)
  • AYURVEDA-YOGA INSTITUTE - Co-Directors Gandharva Sauls and Sarah Tomlinson offer Ancient Ayurveda Consultations to discover your primal disease type, mental/emotional type, spiritual path and more; Ayurvedic Therapies; individual Ayurveda Yoga Instruction; and an open Ayurveda Yoga class followed by Kirtan every Tuesday evening. For more information please call: 212.631.4283. (Added: 22-May-2000)
  • Himalayan Institute-New York branch - Our New York City branch is a haven of peace located in the centre of Manhattan. We offer classes in all levels of hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama. We have open meditation, satsang and kirtan community gatherings on Thursday nights. Weekend workshops, seminars and teacher training programs are also held in NYC or at the Insitute's headquarters located a three hour drive away in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. (Added: 30-Mar-2001)
  • Integral Yoga Institute - IYI offers a broad array of classes, courses, and workshops in Hatha yoga, stress management, deep relaxation, meditation, and more, to nuture the body, mind and spirit. (Added: 9-Feb-2002)
  • Integral Yoga Institute - IYI offers a broad array of classes, courses, and workshops in Hatha yoga, stress management, deep relaxation, meditation, and more, to nuture the body, mind and spirit. (Added: 24-Feb-2000)
  • Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York - We offer over 45 weekly yoga classes and special workshops in the tradition of yoga master B.K.S Iyengar for students of all levels. Strength, coordination, flexibility and an increased sense of well-being are some of the benefits of the Iyengar method of yoga. Through the consistent practice of asana and pranayama (the art of yogic breathing) students of Iyengar Yoga are guided towards increased awareness of their own physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Students experience meditation in action, a state of being focused and absorbed in the moment. Teacher training is also offered. (Added: 20-Apr-2001)
  • Jaya Yoga - Daily Hatha Yoga classes in the Park Slope / Windsor Terrace area of Brooklyn. (Added: 25-Feb-2001)
  • Jivamukti Yoga Center - With its unique combination of ancient and modern styles, the Jivamukti Yoga Center in Manhattan has become one of Americaís largest and most popular yoga centers. Jivamukti, which means "living liberation," is a method that combines a vigorous physical practice with an equally strong foundation in the ancient traditions of yoga, vedanta, and metaphysics. As we learn to reintegrate disparate aspects of self with the source, we find liberation and happiness and see beyond artifice to deeper levels of existence. According to the Jivamukti philosophy, this is possible even while living a modern urban lifestyle; Jivamukti practice synthesizes ancient teachings with contemporary life and culture. (Added: 15-May-2000)
  • Kailasa Yoga Studio - Morning and evening Mysore Asthanga sessions daily. Small classes with lots of personal attention. (Added: 9-May-2001)
  • Laughing Lotus Yoga Center - Dynamic and creative vinyasa yoga integrating devotional singing, kundalini pranayama and yoga philosophy-designed to blow your heart wide open. Weekly classes for absolute beginner, slow flow, open vinyasa, advanced vinyasa, and kundalini yoga. Workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs offered. (Added: 15-Nov-2000)
  • Practice Yoga - a multi disciplinary yoga studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. (Added: 12-Jul-2001)
  • World Yoga Center - Upper West Side New York City Yoga Center. Classical postures. Certified Iyengar & Anusara yoga. Teacher training certification. Meditation. (Added: 26-Apr-2001)
  • YOGA for ALL - offering individualized instruction; rather than instructor lead classes. Their program enables students to practice with a teacher who has taken the time to learn each studentís situation and objectives. The instruction offered is centered on the breath considering the evolving needs and goals of the student. At YOGA for ALL, the student plays a meaningful role in developing personalized tools for transformation. School founded by Paul JJ Alix who teaches from the Viniyoga Methodology. Each session is designed for the student(s) present. Informative site with a nice online catalogue as well. (Added: 28-Oct-2000)
  • Yoga In Islandia and Manhattan - Sivananda-Certified, Oxford health care provider, group/private, beginners welcome-Manhattan and Long Island. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • YogaSamadhi - Kundalini, hatha, pranayam,asana, movement, visualization, relaxation, meditation leading to samadhi (Added: 4-Jan-2000)
  • Adventures in Yoga - Kids Yoga! A program to help children develop strength and flexibility.It can help them improve confidence,creativity and most importantly, have fun! They'll playfully stretch like dogs, roar like lions and stand like graceful flamingoes. With each pose they'll gain a new feeling of accomplishment. (Added: 21-May-2003)
  • Amrita Yoga Center - Amrita Yoga Center in NYC located near Union Square offerse NYC's top RYT certified instructors, smaller class sizes, Intimate friendly setting, all levels and varied styles of hatha yoga. (Added: 10-Mar-2003)
  • Ananda Marga New York - Besides regular classed, the teachings include personal lessons of meditation, asanas and other techniques by Ananda Marga monks and nuns. (Added: 19-Jan-2002)
  • Bikram Yoga Brooklyn Heights - In each 1 1/2 hour class we complete 26 asanas (postures) in a heated room. The heat promotes flexibility, strength, and focus and is curative for the body as well. Practice in a clean, comfortable, friendly environment. Appropriate for all levels. All Bikram certified instructors. (Added: 19-Jun-2003)
  • Body Glyphix, Inc - Certified through Yoga Alliance! Alternative progressive style of Yoga including,Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Chakra Balancing. We also have certified herbologists, Iridologists, Nutritionalists to balance your body. We work with individuals, corporations and have classes in Western New York. (Added: 18-Dec-2002)
  • Chamunda Swami - Spritual Healer/Advisor for Spiritual Development, Missing Persons, Love & Marriages, Business , Meditation, Insomnia, Mental Distress, special prayers for specific needs, and overall well being and happiness. (Added: 15-Dec-2001)
  • Clowns4kids Ultimate Party Entertainment - Ultimate Party Entertainment corporate/childrens occassions & birthdays. Featuring clowns, magicians, costume characters, inflatables and more. Serving New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. (Added: 15-Sep-2002)
  • Custom Yoga - Personal, private yoga instruction for individuals or small groups. Workshops for beginners as well! (Added: 16-Mar-2002)
  • Go Yoga - We are a small, friendly community oriented center in the heart of Williamsburg. (Added: 7-Aug-2001)
  • Har-Tzion Yoga Center - We offer Hatha Yoga classes, Tai-chi classes, meditation meetings, lectures about enlightment, spiritual paths and Hebrew Consciousness (Added: 16-May-2002)
  • Hudson Valley Yoga Center - Oh Shanti! HVY offers classes for all levels, based mostly on the Vinyasa form. Each posture, initiated by the breath, flows inteligently into the next, creating heat in the body and a meditative state of mind. (Added: 24-May-2000)
  • Inner Light Yoga Center - Inner Light Yoga Center located in Sayville NY is a beautiful, peaceful yoga studio dedicated to the study of Hatha Yoga. Form and allighnment are stressed. All levels welcome. Meditation classes offered. Children's yoga offered. Find your Inner Light. (Added: 8-Aug-2002)
  • Inner Spirit Yoga Center/New York - Kali Ray TriYoga classes. Beginner Basics, Basics, Level 1+2. 200 RYT Teacher Training, Yoga Pilates, Buddhist meditation + weekend workshop, Kirtans. (Added: 14-May-2003)
  • InnerSpiritYoga.Center - Active center with 25plus triyoga classes each week. Weekend workshops, events and teacher trainings. Pre-natal, meditation and bellydancing. Life support groups, kirtans and darshans. (Added: 2-Feb-2003)
  • Joyous Life Energy Center - Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pilates, Meditation and Laughter! (Added: 13-May-2002)
  • Mahayogi Yoga Mission - The MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSION was established in 1996 to disseminate the teachings of Yoga as illuminated by a living master, Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa. He realized "Atman," or Supreme Self at eight years of age, then began mastering all branches of Yoga to know through actual experience that these enduring methods lead to one goal, Eternal Truth. Sri Mahayogi teaches that our true nature is Divine, that God or Truth is our inner-most Self, and that this can be realized solely through self inquiry, selfless service, love, or meditation or with any combination of these practices. This non-profit organization offers: SATSAMGHA - Guidance through question and answer format - available when Sri Mahayogi is in New York. (Added: 25-Mar-2003)
  • Mandala Yoga & Dance Center - Mandala Yoga & Dance Center offers a variety of yoga styles year round in the heart of The Hampton's Amagansett, New York. We have daily classes as well as special workshops in dance and yoga. (Added: 31-Oct-2001)
  • Open Skies Yoga Studio - Great teachers and great teachings in a beautiful small studio in the Carnegie Hill area of NYC; class offerings include Om, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Anusara. Classes for Teens, children, Seniors, beginner and advanced practitioners. (Added: 13-Oct-2002)
  • Prana Mandir - Beautiful yoga center in mid-town/east side Manhattan offering kundalini and vinyasa yoga classes as well as meditations and special events. 316 East 59th Street between First and Second Avenues. (Added: 20-Oct-2002)
  • Prana Mandir Yoga Center - Join us at Prana Mandir, a new studio for Yoga and spiritual lifestyle in a beautiful home on the East Side. Our group of experienced teachers lead invigorating classes in Kundalini, Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga. All of our classes are held with the intention of honoring the spirit within and merging with our true conscious selves. We offer a joyful place for yoga practice, vegetarian cooking classes, kirtan, continuing teacher training and special events. We feel it is important to give back to our wonderful community through programs like "Yoga For Charity" which donates all proceeds to pre-selected charities. (Added: 29-Jul-2003)
  • Queens Yoga Institute - Daily classes in traditional Hatha, Vinyasa & Prasanta Yoga. Ambient warm atmosphere. Private Counseling & Personal Training. YogaVeda Teacher Training. (Added: 13-Jun-2003)
  • Radiant Source Healing - Radiant Source alternative healing using Reiki, Karuna Ki, Hypnotherapy sessions and classes in New York City. (Added: 14-Apr-2003)
  • Ravi Yoga & Spa - Full service holistic spa and yoga facility. Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar. Beginners to advanced to senior classes. (Added: 4-Apr-2002)
  • Reiki-Ki - Heal.Balance.Relax.Renew. Experience the divine healing energy of Reiki with Reiki Master Lisa-Jane Lukies. (Added: 8-Jul-2003)
  • River Cloud School of Yoga - Hatha, Raja and Bhakti yoga for the body, mind and heart. (Added: 26-Sep-2001)
  • Satsang Yoga Center - Many various level classes taught. The studio is magnificent with French doors, wood floors, 7 huge skylights, high ceilings. Full array of props. Certified teacher training with our directors Lisa Bennett-Matkin and Charles Matkin. This yoga and fitness center is located one hour north of Manhattan at a golf club/resort/spa. Magnificent views, banquet facilities, fine dining, hikes, come and spend a day with us. Re-create yourself. (Added: 5-Aug-2003)
  • Sonic Yoga - NYC's Vinyasa Oasis. Step out of your world, your thoughts, your distractions and immerse yourself in dynamic mind-cleansing, sweat-drenching, soul-quenching journey into peace, power and passion. No attitudes, no judgments, no expectations--just the pure unadultered joy of being completely and utterly in the moment. COme move and smile with us! (Added: 24-Jul-2002)
  • Space For Wellness - Private Astanga Yoga, Partner Yoga and Yogassage instruction, either at our facility or in the privacy of your own home. Submerge yourself in a state of blissful relaxation with Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. Align and inspire your body through Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Weight loss and Detox. Our instructors and therapists are the most accomplished in New York City, all of whom possess advanced training and enjoy a dedicated following. (Added: 8-May-2003)
  • Spiritual Master Har-Tzion - Har Tzion is a Mystic and Spiritual Master who is known internationally for his sharp message and clear explanations. He had his first experience in the state of enlightenment when he was just 8 years old. Since them, he had strived and searched to return to that experience. A few years ago, the mystical experience had returned in its full manifestation. Today, Har-Tzion is giving conferences in various languages , writes books and answers to questions posted on his web forum. He founded Har-Tzion organization in order to shares his experience with whom ever wishes to receive. In this website you can see memories of his spiritual path, articles and music from the world of Har-Tzion. (Added: 1-Mar-2003)
  • Stable Dance & Yoga Studio - The Stable is a wonderful place in Williamsburg to take Yoga, Dance and participate in modern dance workshops taught by Jim May and Lorry May, co-artistic directors of Anna Sokolov's Player's Project, and others. (Added: 6-Mar-2002)
  • Stretch - A bright, airy 5,700 sqft studio overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River offering group and private instruction in various styles of yoga to all levels. Experienced instructors certified by Jivamukti, OM, Yoga Zone and others. Also offer private, semi-private and group instruction in the Authentic Pilates Method, Gyrotonic and Massage. (Added: 2-Oct-2002)
  • Stretch - A beautiful 5,700 sqft studio overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River offering Yoga (classes and private instruction), Authentic Pilates (private, semi-private and group instruction), Gyrotonic and Massage. Practice a variety of Yoga disciplines with experienced, well trained and insightful instructors. (Added: 16-Sep-2002)
  • The Heaven & Earth Center - Welcome to the Heaven & Earth Center!Our vision is to share knowledge and information with society concerning the health preservation and Healing arts of Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Meditation, as well as other related Arts & Sciences, in a comprehensive wellness program. Join us at our beautiful Sky-lit studio offering a full schedule of morning, lunch and evening classes in the Healing Arts. In the Heart of Manhattan! (Added: 15-Jul-2003)
  • The JESUSYOGA Center - JesusYoga seeks to combine Bhakti, Devotional yoga practice and prayer with Love and Devotion to Jesus as True Guru, Avatar, and Lord. It seeks the salvation,sanctification, and elevation of souls through the intensification of Prayer, Love, and Devotion. The path emphasizes Peace, Love, Joy, and Divine Mercy from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (Added: 4-Nov-2001)

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