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  • Rasa Music - New York City based record company emphasizing adventurous multi-culturalism, is home to such releases as Rasa Exotica, Rasa Mello,Ghostland, Deepak Chopra's "The Soul of Healing Meditations" and "A Gift of Love" and many more. RaSa seeks to produce music which possesses an intimate, personal flavor, as well as discover a wider mainstream audience for musical themes which have long deserved greater exposure. (Added: 18-Jun-2002)
  • Ray Lynch CDs - The exquisite CDs of 3-time Billboard award winner and New Age pioneer, Ray Lynch, make the perfect gift (especially when they are autographed by the composer himself). (Added: 15-May-2002)
  • rose petals - Provide preserved rose petals for weddings, festivals and worship (Added: 30-Jan-2003)
  • Rudra Centre - Supplies Rudraksha beads jewellery, Siddh malas, bracelets and many more (Added: 29-Dec-2001)
  • Sanatan Society Art Galleries - the new online indian art gallery by students of the late Harish Johari. It contains over 140 paintings of hindu gods, epics and scenes, free wallpapers, hinduism books and indian music for meditation and mantras. (Added: 28-Oct-2002)
  • Sanctuary Productions - Online gallery of spiritual and native american artists. Featuring handmade healing and gemstone jewelry, original sacred symbol, angel and goddess art, wands, drums, crystals. Gifts to feed the spirit. Come step into Sanctuary! (Added: 15-Mar-2002)
  • Santosha Shop - Santosha Shop is dedicated to providing you with the finest yoga, meditation, spiritual, wellness and holistic living supplies available. Our staff searches the world over to find quality products that fit the many visions of conscious living in all of its various forms. We hope you enjoy your visit to Santosha Shop! (Added: 8-Jul-2003)
  • Saori C. Jewelry Designs - Saori C. Jewelry Designs is a woman-owned studio that handcrafts delicate, feminine jewelry from silver, gold, pearls, and semi-precious stones. We feature unique and original necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, a large bridal jewelry collection, even silver baby spoons. Custom orders are welcome. (Added: 8-Aug-2003)
  • Saori C. Jewelry Designs - Delicate, feminine designs handcrafted from silver, gold, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Features unique and original necklaces and earrings, as well as a large bridal jewelry collection. (Added: 18-Jun-2003)
  • Simply Elegant Gemstones - Unique, Beautifully Designed, Beaded Gemstone Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, and Earrings. Great to buy as sets. Beautiful Photos. Online Ordering 24/7. (Added: 1-Dec-2002)
  • Spirit Shields - Sacred creations of power and beauty. Original art. Prints available. (Added: 17-Jan-2000)
  • Spiritwells - features the Chakra artwork of Terry Satterthwaite. Products include the Chakra Wall Chart, Chakra Banner, Chakra Candle, Bookmark and Greeting Card. We are also the on-line store of The Quest Publishing & Distribution Company. We are a publisher and distributor of inspirational books, tapes and products for personal transformation and spiritual growth. (Added: 15-Apr-2003)
  • SuperOm Creations - Clothing and gifts featuring a powerful SuperOm design. (Added: 16-Jan-2001)
  • The Mobius Transformation - The Mobius Strip is a fascinating sacred geometric shape discovered by German mathematician and astronomer, August Ferdinand Mobius in 1858.The Mobius Strip appears to have two sides, yet has only one. Marcia and John Galleher have designed elegant Mobius strip jewelry in sterling silver, copper and 14k gold. The shape symbolizes non-duality and the interconnectedness of All. It's one-sided surface flows from inner to outer and back again expressing the continuous journey along the pathway of Life. John is the author of "The Mobius Transformation" handbook, the only source for the Mobius Strip symbology anywhere! This enlightening handbook is a perfect complement to the jewelry. (Added: 16-Mar-2002)
  • The Yoga Garden Game - Plant a flower garden before night falls and learn about yoga in this cooperative game for children. Created by a Yoga Instructor. (Added: 9-Feb-2000)
  • The yoga site for the north west of england - provides general advice on the benefits of Hatha yoga.Personal questions will be answered via e-mail (Added: 15-Jan-2002)
  • Vickerey Aromatics - Vickerey has a wonderful range of inspired finds. True Tibetan and Himalayan incense, made by hand, used by monks, and offered to the world with the idea of promoting inner and outer peace and healing. Ayurvedic incense ideal for meditation. Feng shui house blessing incense. These and more bring the indescribable power and ambiance of fragrance into your life. (Added: 1-Feb-2002)
  • yGuide Yoga CD - New Yoga Software - yGuide yoga software makes yoga personal! It's like having your own yoga assistant, customizing each practice session to your specific needs. Yoga software is beyond yoga videos and books, because you can design your yoga practice uniquely for you. (Added: 4-Nov-2002)
  • Yoga & Meditation & Related (Added: 22-Jun-1999)
  • Yoga Avenue - Gifts fro all ages, from videos for our yoga kids to advanced practice, music and instructional media. Beginners kits, yoga essential kits and much more... (Added: 17-Nov-2002)
  • Yoga Baby - Beautiful, unique and enchanting handcrafted wooden toys for yoga babies 0-5. (Added: 6-May-2002)
  • Yoga Cards * PRONTO Paper.com - Yoga greeting cards and more. . . OM, Goddess, Buddah, Spiritual. . . All occasion social notes. (Added: 7-Sep-2002)
  • Yoga Figurines - It is said that just meditating on a yoga posture or asana can bring well-being and will enhance ones' yoga practice. It was with this in mind that sculptor Jessica deStefano created these yoga sculptures and figurines. They are meant to be held and felt and meditated upon. They are intended to bring you closer to self-realization and inner peace. This is your true nature and the essence of yoga. (Added: 20-May-2003)
  • Yoga gifts - yoga sculptures depicting classic yoga poses - Ovana sells sterling silver yoga sculptures depicting classic yoga positions and poses. The perfect gift for a yoga enthusiast. All sculptures signed by artist. (Added: 7-Jul-2003)
  • Yoga Styles - Fabulous yoga mat bags, eye pillows, straps and more. (Added: 4-Apr-2002)
  • Your Chakra Superstore - quality products and information which promote awareness and respect for our chakra centers and to help people reach their optimum potential. (Added: 22-Nov-2002)

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