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  • A Breakthrough For Women... - New intimacy cream for women that WORKS ON CONTACT is now available without prescription. For more info please visit our website. (Added: 20-Jun-2001)
  • A Guide to Wellness - Vita-Master Nutritional Software - Comprehensive nutritional software database with information on vitamins, herbs, health problems, nutrition and wellness therapies. Lookup health topics and find alternative therapies, add data, print reports, download new data. Free trial download. (Added: 6-Apr-2000)
  • A World of Good Health - We invite you to explore our array of high quality herbal remedies in the areas of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. We also offer Aromatherapy products, and a Guide to Healing with information on yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and more. (Added: 8-Mar-2001)
  • All Edgar Cayce - offers Edgar Cayce Yoga exercises. (Added: 14-Jan-2003)
  • Amrit: The Herbal Superantioxidant - The world's most extensively researched ayurvedic rasayana! Broad-spectrum antioxidant shown to be 1,000 times more potent than vitamin C or E! (Added: 26-Mar-2002)
  • Ashoka Herbals Hawaii - Manufacturer and distributor for Ayurvedic and Siddha Vaidya products for health and beauty. Herbal Oils for shirodhara, massage and rejuvenation therapies. Teas, fresh herbs, cleansing products (Pancha Karma). (Added: 24-Jun-2001)
  • Auroma International Incense & Ayurvedic Products - importer and master distributor of Auroshikha True To Nature Incense of India, as well as the Herbal Vedic line of Ayurvedic products, and Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap (Added: 25-Oct-2002)
  • Auroma International Incense and Ayurvedic Products - manufacturer and importer of natural health and wellness products including Auroshikha True to Nature Incense, Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap and Herbal Vedic Ayurvedic products (Added: 14-Jun-2003)
  • Ayurceutics - Premium, Ayurvedic herbal supplements (Added: 18-Oct-2002)
  • Ayurveda World Store - Ayurvedic medicines for over 600 diseases. (Added: 21-Sep-2000)
  • Ayurvedic Astrologcial Jewelry - Making nine gem bangles, necklaces and rings designed to strengthen your good karma and lessen your negative weaknesses as found in your karmic pattern. This science is based on the ancient traditions of vedic astrology in how to strengthen your electro-magnetic pattern through the use of specific gems as analysed by your vedic horoscope. (Added: 21-Mar-2001)
  • Ayurvedic Products by InterNatural - largest selection of ayurvedic products at competitive prices shipped next business day. bulk herbs, dietary supplements, personal care, books, videos, music and more (Added: 28-Aug-2001)
  • Ayurvedic Products by InterNatural - largest selection of ayurvedic products at competitive prices shipped next business day. bulk herbs, dietary supplements, personal care, books, videos, music and more (Added: 28-Aug-2001)
  • Ayurvedic Products by InterNatural - largest selection of ayurvedic products at competitive prices shipped next business day. bulk herbs, dietary supplements, personal care, books, videos, music and more. (Added: 31-Oct-2000)
  • Bheka Yoga Supplies Company - Bheka offers high quality yoga and health/lifestyle products. We sell to studios, health clubs, teachers, hospitals, corporate programs, schools, non-profits, the general public and you! (Added: 17-Sep-2002)
  • Blissful-Sleep - The ayurvedic approach to blissful sleep. Free newsletter, tips, articles and herbal sleep-aids. (Added: 26-Mar-2002)
  • Body Fat Software - Software that calculates and records your body fat percentages and more! (Added: 4-Mar-2001)
  • Chi Machine: Sun Harmony aerobic exerciser - It does the work, you get the aerobic benefits. Oxygenates, tones and strengthens the body. Raises level of chi, lifeforce, if you use the Chi machine on a regular basis. (Added: 17-Jan-2000)
  • CHYAVANPRASH - Based on 5000 years old receipe prepared by Sage Chyavan Rishi. A superb health tonic to regain health and vitality. Now available by Mail Order. (Added: 7-May-2001)
  • Cleansing naturally - This site shows you ways to discover health and beauty naturally with a special emphasis on natural detoxification techniques (Added: 2-May-2002)
  • Discover Health and Wealth - Protect your health with simple, safe and effective holistic alternatives. Herbal Products for inner cleansing, non-toxic skin care, weight loss management, organic nutrition supplements, stress management. Business opportunity and wealth management resources. (Added: 14-Jun-2001)
  • Do you have a deficiency disease? - Maximol is a colloidal liquid mineral and vitamins supplement with over 70 essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals essential for optimum health. (Added: 16-Dec-2001)
  • Easy Desktop Yoga - Easy Desktop Yoga - Designed for PC users: Yoga and stretching on interactive CD-ROM. 24 high quality full motion video exercises right at your computer! Contains popup "Reminder Program"! (Added: 19-Feb-2001)
  • eDiet Star - When it comes to Health or Weight Loss, Herbalife and e Diet Star takes care of everybody's needs (Added: 29-Jul-2002)
  • Elixir Tonics and Teas - finest teas and herbal tonics. (Added: 5-Sep-1999)
  • Energy Wellness Center - Quality vitamins at reasonable prices. Discounts of 10-20% less than suggested retail prices on some items. Order by phone or visit our new on-line store for your convenience. (Added: 3-Feb-2001)
  • ENTsol Preservative Free Hypertonic Nasal Wash - Natural, drug-free, safe nasal wash products to wash away allergens, dust , dirt and pollens and breathe better fast! (Added: 27-Feb-2001)
  • Essence of Tasmania - Vibrational essences for body, mind and spirit made from the oldest plants in the world. Energy pathways, descriptions, links (Added: 24-Apr-2003)
  • Filter Factory - Everything to keep indoor air clean and healthy! (Added: 19-Sep-1999)
  • Fitness and Freebies - Nutrition, Health, Diet, Fitness tips, information, advice for all. Freebies, Recipes, articles, Free PC Tips and tuturials, health manuals, E-books - Dedicated to your health! (Added: 30-Mar-2003)
  • Fresh Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen Products - Beehive products include royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis with herbs and vitamins in bee products, including glucosamine chondroitin and ginseng for energy and healthy immune system function. (Added: 29-Jul-2003)
  • Gangotri Agencies - Ayurvedic Medicines from Kerala, India (Added: 24-Apr-2003)
  • Ganzfeld light therapy - Ganzfeld light therapy system for meditation, relaxation, relief from seasonal affective disorder, stress, annxiety. (Added: 18-Dec-1999)
  • Good Health Pillow Company - A secure online store where you can purchase high quality eye pillows at a reasonable price. (Added: 5-Jul-2001)
  • Graceful Transition - Your ayurvedic guide to a comfortable menopause! Articles, quizzes, recipes, products, free newsletter. All-natural solutions for menopause related symptoms. (Added: 26-Mar-2002)
  • Harmony In Design - Makers of The Whale Therapeutic Backbench and the Harmony Meditation Chair and accessories. (Added: 15-Nov-2002)
  • Health Bridges Inc. - Health Bridges are a set of three curved wooden back devices that help correct postural distortion. Health bridges will help increases flexibility and mobility, while increasing body strength and overall feeling of well being. (Added: 17-Sep-1999)
  • Health Shop - The world's most complete natural health store. Up to 40% off. (Added: 9-Sep-1999)
  • Healthy 5 Colors a Day vegetable soup mix - Dry mix containing burdock, turnips, turnip leaves, mushrooms and carrots. Convenient packages for daily use. (Added: 30-May-2002)
  • Healthy green tea and herbal tea - Tea gallery established 1997 in central jersey, carries 100s loose tea. The house tea is green oolong orchid flavor golden trim leaves. It is a must to try. Tea gallery's herbalists also give herbal blends according to personal needs. (Added: 11-Jul-2002)
  • HerbalVedic Ayurvedic Products - ayurvedic dietary supplements, personal care products and incense (Added: 25-Oct-2002)
  • Herbs - Vitamins - Natural Healing - One stop shopping for quality herbs, vitamins and health supplements, from the original online Herb Shop -- since 1995! (Added: 3-Oct-2001)
  • Herbs, Natural Bee Products and Vitamins for health - Health supplements include herbs, natural bee products from the beehive, vitamins and many herbal blends including glucosamine chondroitin and bee blends with royal jelly and propolis for health, longevity and healthy immune system function. (Added: 14-Nov-2001)
  • Hot Tubs - Hot tubs and spas to relax and rejuvinate the mind and body (Added: 4-Feb-2003)
  • Internatural-Alternative-Health - over 13,000 natural alternative health and wellness products shipped next business day at competitive prices. largest selection of yoga props, clothing, videos and books as well as personal care, supplements, herbs, incense and much more (Added: 25-Oct-2002)
  • Jala Neti - An Introduction - Jala Neti, or Saline Nasal Irrigation (SNI), is the traditional method of self-administered nasal cleansing. Originating in the yoga tradition, it has been used in many cultures for thousands of years and is known by satisfied users for its many physical and psychological benefits. (Added: 21-Jun-1999)
  • Journey to the Soul - We create herbal ghee (clarified butter), massage oils blended for your body type, herbal teas, spice mixtures to be srpiknled on food for digestion and flavor, lip balm and herbal beauty products for the skin and hair. (Added: 13-Feb-2002)
  • Key West Easy Yoga & Tai Chi - Discover deeper states of inner peace and mind/body awareness with Lydia Wong's yoga and tai chi videos and Florida Keys Retreats. (Added: 16-Oct-2002)
  • LongDaTan Eight Treasure Bath Powder - Excellent to improve meditation; Improves rheumatism and sore joints; Eliminate muscles stiffness and pains; Reduce symptoms of colds, headaches, and backaches; Purify skin tone and reduce skin sensitivity. Relieve tiredness, stress and negative emotions (Added: 12-Nov-2001)
  • Lotus Brands Natural Health Products - manufacturer and importer of natural health and wellness products including Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils, Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot, Blue Pearl Incense, Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and much more (Added: 14-Jun-2003)

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