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  • Yoga And Fitness Mats - Innovative Foam Solutions Distributor of Non Slip Yoga and Fitness/Camp Mats.Why pay the price when you can get it wholesale,All Sizes and Colors. (Added: 25-Aug-2002)
  • Yoga Blessings - Handmade yoga props to enhance your practice. Bolsters, Sandbags, Eyepillows. (Added: 18-Jul-2003)
  • Yoga Blessings Handmade Yoga Props - Quality Handmade Asana and Pranayama Bolsters and more.... (Added: 17-Dec-2001)
  • Yoga Exercise products and kits - Yoga products like yoga beginners kit,get started kit,yogi mat with 30 day money back guarantee (Added: 31-Jul-2002)
  • Yoga Goddess - A website full of clothes for outer and inner wear.. tote bags, note cards, coffee mugs and more .. all with original art designed by me... I am a graphic designer with a passion for yoga.. and desided to combine the two... so take a look around and enjoy. (Added: 8-Dec-2002)
  • Yoga Mats & Props - Australasia - Large variety of mats of all widths, straps, blocks, props etc. Regularly updated. Speedy supply through Asia. (Added: 25-Aug-2001)
  • Yoga Mats and Accessories - High quality affordable yoga mats for the home, office or gym. Tote bags, videos, foam blocks, straps and much more. (Added: 12-Oct-2002)
  • Yoga Music and Video - Large selection of yoga videos and music. Listen to free samples. (Added: 17-Oct-2000)
  • Yoga Photography - Yoga photography - instructor and asana portraits, website and advertising photos. (Added: 19-Mar-2003)
  • Yoga Products - YOGA: Equipment and Products To Help Exercise The Mind and Body and Soul (Added: 19-Jul-2003)
  • Yoga products - We manufacture, wholesale, and retail yoga products throughout the world. We are most known for our all new Bikram Yoga Mat. (Added: 21-Mar-2003)
  • Yoga Props - Yoga Props-furniture, halasana stool, setubandha bench, backbender, mats, bolsters, blocks yoga belts, bags, zabutons, zafus, ropes, inversion slings, books, CD's, videos. Meditation products and lots other yoga products. Visit our Yoga store. (Added: 16-Oct-2002)
  • Yoga Resources - Specialist in wholesale yoga products for teachers and centers. (Added: 31-Jul-2002)
  • Yoga Styles - Unique, durable and functional yoga mat bags, eye pillows, straps and more. (Added: 4-Apr-2002)
  • Yoga Tools by Internatural - yoga mats, straps, etc. plus videos, books, and kriya tools such as neti pots, over 12,000 items shipped next business day at competitive prices (Added: 28-Aug-2001)
  • Yoga Totes - The finest mat bag on the market (Added: 9-Dec-2002)
  • Yoga, Meditation Products & Fitness & Dance Activewear - For aesthetically designed yoga & meditation products, loose finest kapok fiber and fitness & dance activewear. (Added: 2-Mar-2002)
  • Yoga/Feng Shui Room Sprays - Aromatherapy airsprays blended to enhance the yoga experience. Pranic Energy, Deep Relaxation, or Meditation. Feng Shui Airsprays for Energy, Purification, Prosperity, Harmony, and Happiniess. (Added: 6-Jan-2003)
  • YogaButt, a fitness program focusing on glutes, abs & back m - YogaButt is a hybrid fitness program that focuses on developing muscular strength and endurance with emphasis on gluteus, abdominal & back muscle strength for a firmer, shapelier and more defined butt, abs, glutes and midsection. (Added: 26-Jul-2002)
  • YogaChix Bags + Totes - If you're looking to minimalize lugging about stuff for your practice, workout, retreat, or overnighter, then check out our Totes, stachels, and Yoga Mat Bags (sticky mat bags) for functional and stylish streamlining! (Added: 30-Mar-2001)
  • Yogamad - Europe's best value supplier for your yoga accessories. Catering for wholesale, retail and individual customers. We believe our mats are the only mats to have been independently tested against harmful substances for skin contact. (Added: 29-Jan-2002)
  • YOGAMATS Yoga, Bodywork & Meditation Supplies - Since 1984! Premier Yoga, Bodywork & Meditation Supplies TapasŪStickyMats, MandukaMats, MahaMats, The Black Mat, Pure Cotton-filled padded Yoga Mats, Restorative India style cotton-filled RoundYoga Bolsters and kapok filled Rectangle Yoga Bolsters, Pranayama Breathing Pillows, Blankets, Blocks, Belts, Sandbags, Relaxation Eye & Temple Pillows, ~ Bodywork Mats for Accupressure ~ Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy ~ Thai Massage ~ Breema Bodywork ~ Shiatsu & Barefoot Shiatsu floor work, Custom CarryCases, Meditation Environments for Body-Mind Centering & Stress Reduction, Zafus, Crescents, buckwheat hull filled Plum Pillows ~ Zabuton floor pillows, Shoji Screens, Shoji Lamps, Goza/Bamboo floor Mats, Tingsha Bells & Accessories. (Added: 30-Dec-2002)
  • YogaPump Video - Combine traditional hatha yoga asanas with weight training and core strength exercises for a 60 minute mind body workout (Added: 22-May-2002)
  • Yogatiger yoga mats, super-thick, oversized - premium yoga mats are 3/8" thick, available in widths of 24", 36" and 48", and lengths of 72" and 96". (Added: 22-Sep-2002)
  • Yogibag - Yoga bags, bolster and cushion covers and other accessories. (Added: 31-Jul-2002)

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