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  • Beyond Body - the best resource for learning Swara Yoga: the science of breathing. Experience deep meditation, self-realization, and beyond body consciousness. (Added: 4-Sep-2000)
  • GodServer - Yoga Web Directory - Your one stop resource to yoga, meditation and spirituality. (Added: 3-May-2000)
  • Yoga at About.com - Yoga at About.com is where you can find a wealth of information about all of yoga's many aspects and styles. It's also a thriving community of yoga enthusiasts. Whether your focus is physical or spiritual, you will find knowledge and help. Yoga means "union" and Yoga at About.com takes that to heart. (Added: 28-Jan-2001)
  • Yoga Basics - A complete guide to Yoga with over 90 illustrated postures. Info on Pranayama, Chakras, Meditation, and a guide to yoga supplies, books, videos and music. (Added: 8-Nov-2000)
  • Yoga Movement - Yoga and meditation information inlcuding, articles, tips, book and video reviews, and reviews of top yoga sites. (Added: 6-May-2000)
  • Yoga Site - Yoga Site in an online yoga resource center featuring information on yoga, a calendar of yoga events, retreat directory, teacher directory, yoga supplies and much more. (Added: 13-Jul-2000)
  • 123relax Holistic Web Directory - National Search directory for holistic health services and alternative medicine practitioners with daily articles and calendar of events. (Added: 21-Aug-2000)
  • A Vedic World - A Vedic World is dedicated to the vedic civilization and contains hundreds of links of good high quality web sites related to Vedic traditions, such as Yoga, Vastu, Ayurveda, jyotish, Hinduism and Buddhism. (Added: 20-Jun-2003)
  • ABC-of-Yoga: A Yoga Information Site - A Complete Yoga Information Site on Yoga Exercise, Yoga Breathing and Yoga Meditation. Yoga Diet and Health. Including a Yoga Shop and Travel Section. (Added: 28-Jun-2003)
  • All Spirit Fitness - All Spirit Fitness is an online mind-body-spirit fitness destination which is especially rich in Yoga content. Run by the former Yoga guide from About.com. (Added: 4-Feb-2002)
  • Ancient India - (site containing links to relevant historical material, maintained by Anthony Beavers) (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Ayurveda + Yoga Expo - To enhance public awareness and education in Ayurveda and Yoga as a means of improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of the community - a remarkable attempt to unite the best in Ayurveda and Yoga in the Uk to share their ancient knowledge. (Added: 14-May-2003)
  • Better Sex Through Yoga - The website that hosts the Better Sex Through Yoga workout series. All sorts of tips and thoughts about yoga and how it helps improve your sex life. (Added: 12-May-2003)
  • Corporate Spirit Austra;ia - We distribute discounted spiritual and personal development books, and meditation tapes etc.. Also, we have a free dream analysis service available to everyone. (Added: 30-Jun-2001)
  • Dharma Darshan - An online information center dedicated to Sanatana Dharma, the world's most ancient continuously practiced spiritual culture. (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center - Free resources and referrals for eating disorder and body image issues. Referrals to mental health professionals, body image specialists, treatment centers, retreats, workshops, etc. (Added: 28-Dec-2002)
  • General Information about India (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Hare Krishna Audio Library - Hear streaming audio bhajans and classes on the ancient Vedic literature such as Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. (English) (Added: 19-Jun-2001)
  • Hermetic Yoga - Hermetic Yoga combines the best of the east and west to provide a reliable path to self realization. This site is an excellent resource for information, books and magazines. (Added: 27-Dec-2001)
  • HINDUISM AND TAMIL SITES (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Holistic Web Directory - National Search directory for holistic health services and alternative medicine practitioners. Plus Discussion Boards; Calendar of Events; Articles on health, fitness, & diet; and a complete line of books, tapes and cds. (Added: 26-Aug-2002)
  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicines - India's foremost organisation in the field of alternative and traditional medicines. Major activites include education and training in various alternative therapies, organisation of international conferences, publication of books etc. (Added: 15-May-2003)
  • Indian Sphere - This site is all about India, astrology, vastu, travel in India, Ayurveda,Indian food,Yoga,Music and things related with India, total Indian sphere. (Added: 1-Feb-2002)
  • InfoBuddhism - complete resource for all Buddhist websites including all traditions, publications, health and wellness, products and much more (Added: 25-Oct-2002)
  • Institute of Progressive Therapies - Info and links for yoga and holistic health. Articles and online newsletter. Books recommended and for sale etc. (Added: 28-Aug-2000)
  • Internet Tibet Resources (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Island of Future Yoga - Our book is the body to study: Asana, Pranayama, Savasana, Kumbhakha, Samadhi. Teacher Training School. Retreats all year round. In Venice, Milan, Brescia, Alps (Italy). (Added: 6-Jul-2000)
  • Jainism Resource Center (Added: 15-Jul-1999)
  • Kundalini Gateway - If you are having paranormal or mystical experiences, you may have become spontaneously awakened. The K-list is a non-denominational online support community for those undergoing, or seeking to undergo this ecstatic and sometimes harrowing evolutionary process. (Added: 10-Mar-2002)
  • Lotus Press - US editions of Sri Aurobindo's writings and the Integral Yoga. Also specializing in Ayurveda, Reiki, Alternative Health and Wellness, Herbalism and more (Added: 31-Oct-2000)
  • Massage Therapy Supplies - Aromatherapy Supplies & Oils - Young Living's Oils are processed at low temperatures and low pressure without adulterants in order to retain all the natural, therapeutic properties. Free aromatherapy newsletter. (Added: 21-Jun-2003)
  • Massagesoup - A worldwide online directory of massage professionals. (Added: 7-Oct-2002)
  • mediaexh.com (Added: 21-Jun-1999)
  • Metta - The Holistic Alternative Web - UK based information and listings for holistic treatments and services from Acupuncture to Yoga. Including Astrology, Rune Stones, Discussion Forums, and more. (Added: 29-Oct-2001)
  • NaturalHealthWeb.com - NaturalHealthWeb.com is one of the most complete guides to information about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles, free Newsletters and descriptions of many of the most important Natural Health and Alternative Medicine Web Sites on the World Wide Web. (Added: 28-Aug-2000)
  • Nirvana Yoga - Web dedicada al Yoga, Meditacion y otras tecnicas de Relajacion. Cursos, Centros, Consejos y practicas. Atencion a diversos temas relacionados como Tai-Chi, Reiki, Shiatsu y Zen (Added: 4-Oct-2000)
  • Nityananda Institute--Berkeley Center - Kundalini is the energy of life-the Divine- as it is experienced in the individual. The practice at the Nityananda Institute is an ancient tantric practice that allows each individual to understand and experience their own inner connection to the Divine. This powerful practice focuses on the development of conscious awareness and the flow of spiritual energy through the inner mechanism (chakras). Classes are taught by Steven Ott, a practitioner and teacher for 30 years. (Added: 26-Sep-2001)
  • One-Stop Yoga Limited - UK Yoga resource offers advice on yoga styles, UK events, ordering and one of the largest UK class listings services available via the internet (Added: 30-Nov-2001)
  • Peace and Harmony - Natural healing, global/wildlife preservation, spirituality. Native American healing, natural therapies for pets and kids, vegetarian resource, practitioner/healer site development, angels, inspirations, holistic chat, directories, visionary/angel/wildlife art galleries, native american art, spiritual gardening, wolves (Added: 1-Sep-2000)
  • Retreat Finder - Directory of personal retreats, group retreats, and facility rentals spanning all spiritual and healing traditions including yoga and meditation vacations (Added: 15-Oct-2002)
  • Roots and Wings At Yoga .com - Yoga .com celebrates the practice and philosophy of yoga. (Added: 19-Apr-2000)
  • Sanatan Society - Organisation - the new website by students of the late Harish Johari. It contains over 480 pages on yoga, tantra, hinduism, hindu gods and epics, indian vegetarian cooking, ayurvedic massage, indian music and mantras, indian art,... It also offers some free full-screen wallpapers of Hindu gods, epics and scenes. (Added: 28-Oct-2002)
  • Santa Barbara Wellness Directory - Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners and Products in the Santa Barbara, CA area. (Added: 11-May-2003)
  • Scott Shaw's Buddha on the Net - Links to Spiritual Sites Worldwide. (Added: 12-Apr-2000)
  • Shaivism Yoga Pages - Shaivism is the Key contributor to Yoga as eveident from Patanjali, Thirumoolar and the shivaagamas the basic tantra scriptures having Yoga pada as the major section. As of now the Shaivism Home Page hosts the complete text of yogic scripture thirumantram of Thirumoolar. (Added: 26-Jan-2002)
  • Shiva - Lord Pervading All Existence - A tribute and introduction to Lord Shiva. Hopefully imbued with a sense of devotion and celebration. Om Namah Shivaya! (Added: 17-Aug-1999)
  • SivaSakti - A Practical Hatha-yoga Resource - Here you can find Tantra and Hatha Yoga articles, ebooks, yantras and music - an in-depth resource. (Added: 6-Jan-2002)
  • SivaSakti - Yoga, Tantra and Meditation Resource - Contains techniques and information on Hatha Yoga, Asana, Tantra, Yantra and Karma Yoga. (Added: 16-May-2002)
  • Spirituality & Meditation links - A collection of information including The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, links and biographies of spiritual masters, personal research, New Age links, etc. (Added: 19-Aug-1999)
  • Srimad Bhagavatam - The complete Indian classic Srimad Bhagavatam on the internet: the Story of the Fortunate One. With music, pictures and links to relevant literatures. In English and Dutch. (Added: 29-Jul-2000)

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