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  • Art of Living Workshop - Art of Living courses adapt ancient knowledge about the art of living to the needs of modern life. These courses enhance health on every level: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and provide practical tools to reduce the effects of stress. Courses are offered to the general public, as well as in cooperation with schools, governmental organizations and private entities. This course teaches the Sudarshan Kriya® technique, along with a wealth of other information. Experience it for yourself! (Added: 11-Feb-2003)
  • Ascension -- The Art of Inner Exploration - Offering the art of consciousness expansion, quickly freeing the nervous system from stress, opening you to maximum creativity, enjoyment, health and success. (Added: 18-Mar-2000)
  • askyogimarlon.com - Spiritual wisdom,meditation, yoga, interactive Q & A, and holistic products for a life worth living. (Added: 6-Aug-2000)
  • Astral Traveler - Awareness - Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond. AstralTraveler is the portal for Danyel Seagan's Vision of the Possible Human in a Multidimensional Universe. (Added: 31-Aug-2002)
  • Averi, Malibu's Resident Psychic ® - For more than 30 years, thousands of people worldwide - including Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities, Congressmen and U.S. Presidents - have sought out Averi's psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their careers and personal lives. (Added: 8-Oct-2002)
  • BeyondBody.com - experience self-realization, out-of-body travel, and beyond body consciousness. Based upon the science of breath. (Added: 4-Sep-2000)
  • Chakra Energy Cards - Chakra Energy Cards is a set of the seven chakras painted by Carol Herzer. The beautiful paintings of each individual chakra were created for chakra balancing, healing, meditation and for other spiritual experiences. You can also download a free chakra screensaver. (Added: 15-Jun-2003)
  • Coming Back: The Science of Reincarnation - Comprehensive guide to understanding the science of reincarnation. Reincarnation in literature, reincarnation in modern science and religious perspectives on reincarnation. (Added: 1-Mar-2002)
  • DISCOVER YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH - through an Ancient Ayurveda Consultation. Learn your best meditation style, as well as the blueprint for your desires, relationships, career, creativity, dharma, mental/emotional nature, and physical nature. (Added: 22-May-2000)
  • Dying and Being Reborn - What is it like to die? And what is itlike to find a wonderful new life? Here are people's descriptions of moving beyond death into spiritual life. (Added: 5-Jul-2001)
  • Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic - International mystery school offering magic and shamanism courses via teleconference, online, self-study and apprenticeship programs. Our courses teach magic and shamanism as a reliable, precise hard science. Many resources available for all levels of practitioners. (Added: 22-Dec-2002)
  • Growing in Consciousness - Writings on how to harmonize with Spirit, bringing happiness into our daily life. (Added: 17-May-2000)
  • Holotropic Breathwork tm - developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof , a psychiatrist working with people in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and by Christina Grof, a transpersonal teacher, is a simple yet powerful technique for self-exploration and healing, based on combined insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and perennial spiritual practices. The method activates non-ordinary states of consciousness which mobilize the spontaneous healing potential of the psyche. (Added: 30-Jul-1999)
  • House of the Sun - The meaning of life through personal spiritual experiences, shamanic teachings and explorations into the mysteries of the universe. (Added: 3-Dec-2001)
  • Inner Bonding: Relationship Help, Spiritual Growth, Parenti - Learn Inner Bonding and find help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, aloneness, spiritual connection. FREE course. Books, workshops, retreats, and phone sessions . (Added: 24-Jul-2003)
  • Inner Bonding: Relationship Healing, Spiritual Growth - A six-step self-help spiritual process for healing the fears and false beliefs that lead to aloneness, addictions, relationship problems, parenting problems, anxiety, depression, and anger. Workshops, retreats, and phone sessions for individuals and couples. Recommended by Lindsay Wagner and Neale Donald Walsch. (Added: 15-Jun-2003)
  • Inspiration is the In-Breath of Spirit - Spiritual Counseling and Coaching, Psychic Reading and Energy Work. Individual and Group Instruction in Meditation, Healing, and Personal Transformation. (Added: 30-Jul-1999)
  • Institute of Progressive Therapies - Meditation groups forming now--and ot personal instruction and classes offered seasonally . Yoga and holistic services available --sign up for our free online newletter (Added: 28-Aug-2000)
  • Katabami Ju-Jitsu Dojo - School of Martial Arts & Eastern Healing Arts: (Meditation, Spiritual Healing- Energy Healing, Himalayan Hatha Yoga, Chi Gung, Tai Chi)... (Added: 24-Apr-2000)
  • Key Of Eden - Dedicated to assisting the Ascension pathway. Lightbody sessions, divine mission readings, and workshops of divine experience (Added: 23-Feb-2002)
  • Kirael - Rev. Fred Sterling channels the master guide Kirael who has come to provide direction for the Great Shift. Primary focus: the upliftment of humanity through spiritual practice based on universal laws. (Added: 26-Jul-2002)
  • Know Yoga Know Life - Various natural therapies help increase the vitality of the individual and remove any obstructions - Chemical, physical, psychological which may be interfering with the normal functioning and internal harmony of the organs and the tissues. Holistic Remedies include, Yoga,Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. (Added: 5-Jul-2003)
  • Meditation Article & Related on Spirituality - A heart-centered and contemporary approach to 'union', enlightenment and expanded consciousness. Articles, a prayer, column and related content by the emerging teacher and author, Shanti Lin Rose. (Added: 16-Apr-2003)
  • QuantumThink - Scientific genius and spiritual wisdom unite in this new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in our new world - featuring QuantumThink AudioCoach with Dianne Collins and Alan Collins, an Internet audio program series purchased online by subscription, teaching you to master the art of thinking from a new world view. (Added: 11-Jan-2000)
  • Rediscover Your True Self - It is time to release societal conditioning and old programs that do not work anymore. It is time to become more aware of who you are, your gifts and life purpose. Come and play with me as the unfolding of a deeper truth reveals itself to you. You will become energized and enthusiastic about life and truly see the blessings it offers. Our work together is centered around expanding your ability to love yourself into inner freedom. (Added: 27-Dec-2001)
  • Self-Transformation Program- Himalayan Institute - Here in the Institute’s community of dedicated spiritual seekers, you will learn and practice proven techniques for transforming your habits and creating a healthier lifestyle. This powerful one-month to three-month program is designed to make you self-reliant and self-confident as you experience personal growth on all levels. (Added: 8-Apr-2001)
  • Shawoma Workshop - PATH OF THE INNER SHAMAN (Added: 2-Jul-1999)
  • Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development Classes - Star clairvoyant psychic Ailene Light provides spiritual growth and psychic development classes and workshops, and lectures on out-of-body experiences. Check out testimonials in guestbook! (Added: 9-Jun-2003)
  • Spiritual.com.au - Full of light and hundreds of informative articles, Spiritual.com.au, like our universe is ever expanding. The site is only six months old and designed around a variety of categories ranging from Angels to Theosophy and include amongst others Astrology, Meditation, Reincarnation and Relationships. Full of features the site includes monthly horoscopes, a spiritual dictionary and a free newsletter. The site's newsletter is an informative publication which not only highlights the recent additions to the site, but gives practical advice on a range of topics. Early editions have covered; your thought process and the way your mind works, your ego, emotions what you can do about the control they have over you. There is also advice on nutrition and exercise, and it won't cost you a cent. (Added: 14-Jul-2001)
  • Star Path - The STAR PATH is a step-by-step process of enhancing and accelerating spiritual growth toward wholeness and enlightenment. Every human being is on an evolutionary journey of return—a homecoming—to awareness of his or her Actual Self, and of the design and purpose of life. (Added: 2-Jul-1999)
  • Stress management software - Software, tools, articles. (Added: 27-May-2002)
  • The Creativity Workshop - We are all born imaginative, curious, creative, but these qualities can fade with the passage of time. The Creativity Workshop's aim is to help people get their imaginations back. Whether you are a writer, a business person, a teacher, or an artist, the Workshop can help you discover and nurture your particular way of expression and break through the fears and blocks that inhibit creativity. Working with more than 2,000 individuals, businesses, and institutions since 1993, the Creativity Workshop helps people believe in and develop their creative process through using a unique series of exercises in memoir, creative writing, visual arts, sense perception, brainstorming, and storytelling. Our concentration is on the process of creativity rather than the product and emphasizes the importance of play and the sharing of ideas to nurture creative growth. The Creativity Workshop is dedicated to teaching individuals and groups about their creative processes and how to use them in all aspects of their work and lives. The Workshop's goal for participants is refined creative skills, expanded perception, innovative problem solving, inspired brainstorming and ways of looking at life as exciting and transformative. Worshops given in New York and Europe. (Added: 6-Aug-2003)
  • The Official Dr. Jonn Mumford Consultation Site - The Kailash Center for Personal Development, Inc. is proud to sponsor: The official consultation site for Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati). Receive personal guidance from Dr. Mumford, based on his profound knowledge of Eastern and Western esoteric sciences and psychology. Dr. Mumford can help you: Gain a deeper understanding of your current life situation. Achieve insights that will lead to more productive decisions. Understand your karmic life cycles. Discover new ways to manage stress or enhance the skills you already have. Deepen and enrich your meditation or spiritual practice. (Added: 7-Jul-2001)
  • The Sacred School of Adepts and Magi - The Ancient Science of the Magicians, the secret language have been lost by the downfall of man. . I will impart these precious secrets to you, and we will read together these characters traced on the Ancient Temples. Centers in USA, Venezuela and Chile. (Added: 10-Aug-2002)
  • The Tranquility Place - Bob and Tami Morrow bring to you a healing center offering a metaphysical and alternative outlook. We offer classes in Meditation, Yoga, and TaiChi as well as Massage Therapy and Acupuncture. Please contact us if you feel we can help you in any way. (Added: 10-Aug-2002)
  • Yoga, Meditation & Healing Movement in Dallas, TX - Studio: Dance, Arts & More is an inspiring space for workshops and classes in yoga, meditation, Trance Dance, Nia, Pilates and healing movement. Try two FREE classes! Located at Preston/Campbell in North Dallas. (Added: 9-Apr-2002)
  • Your Guru the Body - Your body is a manifestation of universal principles, of the very core of existence. All the great gurus have said, 'I am within you'. Here is a path to hear that wisdom within. (Added: 24-May-2001)

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