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  • Active Yoga - Bikram Method yoga in Toronto. It's hot! New studio at 2281 Dundas St. West, just south of Bloor subway, Dundas West station. Close to High Park. Certified instructors: Norm Greer and Deena Rasky. (Added: 21-Aug-2001)
  • Bikram Yoga Toronto - Bikram yoga now in uptown Toronto just 2 blocks south of the Davisville subway! Come and work your body head to toes in a hot room! Feel great and experience the real benefits that yoga has to offer. Certified Bikram instructors. (Added: 5-Sep-2001)
  • Bikram's Yoga College of India (Vancouver) - All Bikram yoga students agree that it helps them look and feel great, lose weight, and reduce stress. Physically, it is the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and balance. mentally, it trains the mind in five key ways: to have faith in one's self, gain self control, increase determination, improve concentration and build patience. (Added: 20-Feb-2001)
  • Downward Dog Yoga Centre - Downward Dog Yoga Centre teaches Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of K. Pattabhi Jois to students of all levels. (Added: 15-Sep-1999)
  • Rama Lotus Yoga Centre - We are a 3HO certified Kundalini Yoga teacher training centre. Graduates of this program are internationally certified by KRI(Kundalini Research Institute) (Added: 26-Jan-2000)
  • Samadhi Yoga - Teaching and research in Samadhi Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga. We are located in Toronto, Ontario. (Added: 4-Jul-2000)
  • The Yoga Way, Toronto - 6 Week Structured Yoga Programs. Personal Attention, Individual Guidance and Feedback with a Holistic Approach. Hatha-yoga Programs (Sivananda Style, Atma Vikasa) & Ashtanga Yoga Programs taught according to the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. (Added: 25-Jul-2000)
  • TL Yoga - Hatha, kundalini, kripalu and chair yoga, and meditation classes taught by Terri-Louise in Toronto. (Added: 27-Mar-2000)
  • Yoga Centre of Calgary - The homepage of the yoga centre of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. We offer a comprehensive two year training program for yoga teachers. Serious students only. (Added: 30-Aug-1999)
  • Yoga in Motion - A Yoga Studio featuring Yoga in Motion style Ashtanga, involving the basics of the Ashtanga Yoga System of K.P. Jois of India. Dynamic movement, energy bandas, and victorious breathing are applyed to routines designed for the western student. Teacher training offered 3 times per/year in a 28 day format. Call the school to inquire @ 403/277-3058 or e-mail us at yogainmotion@home.com (Added: 29-Aug-2000)
  • Yoga Room - Stand your ground, find your roots, reach for the sky. Yoga is a gentle yet profound practice that will lead you to a deeper level of understanding of yourself in relation to your body. (Added: 30-Sep-2000)
  • YogaSpace - YogaSpace is an urban oasis in the heart of Queen West in downtown Toronto. Our intention is to provide a broad range program of high quality yoga in a relaxed and beautiful environment. The studio is also the base of Doula partners Kathryn Beet and Sasha Padron. Their aim is to provide a holistic model of support and education throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenting to women and thier partners. We offer classes in vinyasa flow, ashtanga, prenatal and postnatal flow,as well as a wide variety of ongoing pre-registered course and workshops. (Added: 11-Mar-2001)
  • YogaSpace - YogaSpace offers a 200 hour Teacher Training Certification program in accordance with the guidelines set forth by The Yoga Alliance and The Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers.Our intention is to provide a broad range program of high quality yoga in a relaxed and beautiful environment. (Added: 14-Sep-2002)
  • Ashtnaga Yoga Teacher - Rob Lucas is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher working worldwide. Trained initially in canada, he has studied both with pattabhi jois and shishadri of mysore, india. Offering study to both beginner and advanced students. (Added: 22-Apr-2002)
  • Atlas Studio - a center for creative and holistic healing, offering yoga classes and workshops. Yoga props, mats, accessories, music cd's, tapes, video's,books. (Added: 4-Sep-2002)
  • Avatar Canada - Avatar is a powerful set of techniques to explore states of consciousness. It is similar to Jana Yoga and produces deep abiding peace and insights into the Nature of Being. (Added: 17-Jun-2000)
  • Being Yoga - Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga in the nondual-unity tradition. Meditation, breathing, exercises and information on well-being being well. (Added: 19-Aug-2001)
  • Bikram Yoga Beaches - A peaceful place to practice the Bikram Yoga Method - tone the body and calm the mind. (Added: 11-Feb-2003)
  • Bikram Yoga Calgary - Bikram Yoga is invigorating and rejuvanating. Done in a HOT studio, challenging for all levels. All classes drop-in. (Added: 28-Dec-2001)
  • Bikram Yoga Danforth - We offer a 90 minute yoga class in a heated room. The studio is a green space that includes water filters, non-toxic paint and hypo-allergenic cleaning products. We're located right at the Chester subway stop (1 east of Broadway) and 5 minutes from the DVP Bloor/Bayview exit. (Added: 20-Dec-2002)
  • Body Basics Yoga - Located in Beautiful Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Body Basics yoga is taught by Christine MacDonald, RYT. Iyengar/Kripalu style. (Added: 8-Jul-2002)
  • Breathe Yoga Studio - Breathe offers classes in Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Prenatal, Hatha and Chi Yoga in a beauttiful, serene studio with some of Toronto's best trained teachers. Located in the heart of Bloor West Village at Runnymede subway. (Added: 17-Jan-2003)
  • Country Charm & Comfort Bed and Breakfast - Nova Scotia's top spot for rest and relaxation. Indulge in the pleasure of a peaceful setting in the country. Let your soul awaken to the beauty of nature - come and discover a place to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Private, semi-private and small group classes. A variety of private sessions offered re yoga and: stress management, migraine relief, chronic pain relief, improve self-confidence,conscious eating, improving eye health, creative writing, let your spirit dance, daily awareness enhancing, meditation techniques in nature, chakra balancing, intuition awareness, star gazing, clearing out clutter, giving up perfectionism, healing with sound, etc. Nature lover's paradise. Great walking, hiking, cycling, and stargazing. (Added: 30-Oct-2000)
  • Daniels Yoga - Yoga in Toronto, for the office and/or home. Kripalu Yoga. Learn self healing through coordination of postures with breath,alignment and awareness of sensations. (Added: 30-Jan-2003)
  • Delta Yoga Centre - Ashtanga-based 50-hour Teacher Training course. Includes asana, pranayama, functional anatomy, practice teaching, adjustments and modifications. (Added: 8-Jul-2002)
  • Fire Serpent Tantra - an on-line course for those seeking Enlightenment. Learn to raise the Kundalini, clear Karma and serve the Goddess Within. Those who have become spontaneously awakened and are troubled by their symptoms, will find it useful for coming to terms with their process. (Added: 10-Mar-2002)
  • Functional Synergy - Customized Yoga Therapy Programs - Small Classes, Consultations and 1 on 1; Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) Customized Corporate Yoga Program; Continuing Education for Teachers in Anatomy and Asana, and Preventing Yoga Injuries (Added: 25-Sep-2002)
  • Iyengar Yoga School of Toronto - Iyengar Yoga classes for all levels, including special needs and pre/post-natal. Regular classes, workshops, intensives, and teacher training offered. Senior Teacher, Mahyar Raz, studied exclusively with B.K.S. Iyengar for 20 years. "Open your body. Relax your mind." (Added: 27-Feb-2002)
  • Joy of Yoga Studio - Joy of Yoga Studio offers a warm environment to explore the benefits of Kripalu Yoga and Shiatsu Massage with Kelly McGrath. Gentle, Moderate and Vigorous classes located in downtown Montreal, Quebec. (Added: 19-Dec-2001)
  • Kripalu & Pregnancy Yoga in Montreal - Gentle, moderate and intermediate Kripalu yoga classes taught by Clearlight Gerald. Pregnancy yoga and mom & baby yoga classes also offered. Group and private instruction. (Added: 25-Jan-2002)
  • Kriya Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - This yoga teacher training is designed to meet the 200-hour national certification standards, as set up by the Yoga Alliance. On completion of this certification students of Kriya Yoga will feel competent to teach hatha yoga as an adjunct to physical and mental wellness and spiritual growth. This program is largely experiental, with a focus on personal transformation as well as developing professional skill. Students shoudl be currently practicing Kriya Yoga and have a well-established daily practice, or have studied and practiced yoga for a minimum of 2 years and be willing to integrate the teaching of Kriya Yoga into their sadhana and daily life. This is an intensive training program and all participants should have good physical and emotional health (Added: 19-Mar-2002)
  • Kundalini Yoga with Jai Jot - The yoga of awareness: asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra. Experience your fullest Human Potential with this ancient technology; Experience your Self! (Added: 18-Jan-2001)
  • Moksana Yoga Teachers Training - Spend time in beautiful Victoria BC taking our comprehensive Teacher Certification Program. This is a 250 hour course including 4 classroom modules. Spring, summer and fall sessions. (Added: 19-Mar-2002)
  • Mother Wellness Yoga - Pre and Post Natal yoga in Calgary. Internationally certified yoga teachers with additional experience and training in Perinatal studies. Teacher trainings available across Canada (Added: 6-Apr-2003)
  • Mother Wellness Yoga - Pre and post natal Hatha Yoga classes in Calgary, AB. Teachers are internationally trained and multi-disciplined. Teacher trainings and workshops also offered. (Added: 11-Apr-2003)
  • Mother Wellness Yoga - Marina Locke, ICYT, RMT, CD and associates teach Pre and Post Natal Hatha Yoga. Teacher training and Prenatal certification courses available. Member of Yoga Association of Alberta, Massage Therapists Association of Alberta, Canadian Childbirth Association. (Added: 13-Apr-2003)
  • Mother Wellness Yoga with Marina Locke - Marina Locke, ICYT, RMT, CD and associates teach Pre and Post Natal Hatha Yoga in Calgary, AB. Teacher training and Prenatal certification courses available. Member of Yoga Association of Alberta, and Massage Therapists Association of Alberta. (Added: 13-Apr-2003)
  • Now & Zen - Enjoy smaller yoga classes in central Calgary in this conveniently located and comfortable studio. Taught by a certified and experienced teacher, classes include: multi-level, prenatal and postnatal instruction. Also, various massage services provided, including Relaxation, Prenatal and Thai massage. (Added: 11-Jan-2003)
  • partner yoga - David and David provide workshops in partner and ashtanga yoga. (Added: 12-Nov-2002)
  • Sagespirit Yoga & Meditation Montreal - Located in downtown Montreal, Sagespirit offers Yoga & Meditation classes enabling participants to listen and move to the rhythm of their inner beat within a peaceful and supporting environment. Through a series of Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation on the body's 7 energy centers, the individual's life flow increases, deepening a connection with the Sagespirit within as well as quieting the freeway in ones mind. (Added: 27-Jun-2003)
  • Sahaj Marg - The Natural Path Meditation - Sahaj Marg (Natural Path) is a simple spiritual practice based on heart-centered meditation, and blends the material and the spiritual into an integrated whole. In Sahaj Marg, an aspirant is inducted into meditation directly, bypassing the preliminary stages of Pathanjali's ancient system of Raja Yoga. Regular practice helps us connect with the spiritual essence within each of us, leading to a balanced existence. Training in and the practice of Sahaj Marg Meditation is free of charge. (Added: 1-Oct-2000)
  • Sattva Yoga Studio - Sattva Yoga Studio offers Hatha Yoga classes, Vipassana Mediation and Thai massage. (Added: 10-Jun-2002)
  • SATYARAM Yoga & Reflexology Clinic - An integrated approach to alternative therapies. Certification courses based upon the principle of maximum flexibility to the specific needs of students. (Added: 29-Mar-2001)
  • Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp - Year round yoga vacations in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains. For beginners and advanced students. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Sundari Yoga Studios - Located in the heart of Liberty Village, Sundari Yoga Studios has created a safe, serene and fun environment where individuals can come to explore and experience different aspects of yoga. (Added: 7-May-2003)
  • The Big Stretch Yoga Centre - Joanne Lowe, Director of Stretch and certified instructor, has drawn upon influences from several different teaching philosophies and styles to develop her own unique approach to the instruction of Hatha and Raja yoga. The Big Stretch Yoga Centre's philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, everywhere - whether they be male, female, young, old, in the office, at home or in the yoga studio. (Added: 15-Sep-2002)
  • The Yoga Sanctuary - This 250 hour teacher training covers the details and adjustments of each posture in the primary series of ashtanga yoga and the use of these postures as the basis for a flowing hatha class. Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Sanskrit, Chanting, Anatomy, Physiology and Yoga Philosophy will be covered. (Added: 6-Sep-2002)
  • TLC Services - Take a one hour vacation! Presenting Atlas Yoga an integrated style of yoga including influences from Kripalu, Sivananda, Ashtanga. (Added: 30-Oct-2002)
  • urban yoga - Gentle meditative yoga and breath work for adults of all ages and bodies. Teacher Training for Pregnancy Yoga (Added: 3-Feb-2002)
  • Yoga by Rubinesq - Toronto locations at Yonge & Finch, Yonge & Davisville and Hwy 7 & Bathurst. Specializing in Stretch & Strength classes for all levels, Sun Salutations Workshops, Meditation, Chanting & on-site Corporate Yoga. (Added: 23-Jul-2003)

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