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  • 4th Street Yoga - Classes offered daily in Iyengar-based yoga, pre & post natal, kids yoga & Ashtanga yoga. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • A Bay Area Oasis for the Soul - Yoga Soul - Rebecca Snowball is a certified yoga instructor who received her teaching certificate from Ganga White and Tracy Rich of the White Lotus Foundation. She began practicing yoga with renowned instructor Marti Foster, and continues to study with her to this day. Vinyasa Flow style yoga is the predominate style Rebecca teaches linking one asana, or pose, to the next through the pranayama, the breath. This style creates fluidity of movement, meditation in motion, and helps the students internalize their practice. (Added: 16-Dec-2001)
  • A Bay Area Phenomenon - The Yoga Solution - A unique yoga instructor, Marti Foster, teaches vinyasa yoga all around the Bay Area. She offers group classes, corporate and specialized individual sessions, mentor training, events, retreats and props. (Added: 25-Aug-1999)
  • A Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist - Julia M. Landis is a writer, teacher, and counselor. She is the author of Heart-to-Heart Talk: A Client’s Guide to Transformation in Psychotherapy. She holds an MA in counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a certificate in dream work from the Institute of Advanced Archetypal Studies. She is a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist. As a counselor and workshop presenter, she blends traditional psychotherapeutic approaches with meditation, bodywork, and stress management practices and empowers clients to recover their fullest sense of self and meet their ever-growing personal and professional potentials. As a workshop leader Julia draws upon her experience as one of Columbia University’s Klingenstein Fellowship teachers. With over a decade in the classroom, Julia brings students to their own understanding of the human mind and spirit. She currently maintains a full-time practice in San Francisco and leads workshops nationally. (Added: 24-Dec-2002)
  • Adara Yoga - Adara Yoga is a school, located in Vallejo, CA, where traditional hatha yoga is taught. We emphasize dedication to the development of a healthy body by consecutive progressive classes. (Added: 2-Apr-2003)
  • Advanced Teachers Training Course at Sivananda - 06 October - 03 November, 2002 Four weeks of intense study & practice built upon the foundation of the Teachers' Training Course. Seekers from around the world come together to continue their practice of physical, mental, and spiritual awakening thorough concentrated Yogic self-discipline and lofty Vedanta philosophy. The daily schedule includes one hour of pranayama, as well as study of the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, anatomy and physiology, and Sanskrit. The Yoga Farm in the Fall is an ideal place for sadhana. Prerequisite: TTC diploma. (Added: 6-May-2002)
  • Aikido & Yoga Center - Kali Ray TriYoga style of hatha yoga, kundalini meditation (Added: 31-Mar-2001)
  • Ananda Yoga - the complete yoga, combining asana, pranayama and meditation for Self-realization. Our Level 1 and 2 trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance at 200 and 500 hours. Level 1 is 4 weeks long, offered quarterly. The Expanding Light, the west coast’s premier yoga and meditation retreat, is located on a scenic stretch of land high in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. The Expanding Light is an ideal location for a relaxing yoga vacation, personal retreat, or an opportunity to receive training in yoga, meditation, healing, yoga philosophy and much more. The retreat is open 365 days per year, with special packages for holidays and getaways. (Added: 14-Jan-2002)
  • Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness - Opposite of "No Pain, No Gain." Emphasizing physical relaxation, but also mental clarity, emotional calmness, and spiritual insight. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Ashram - Residential Yoga Teachers training Course - The Teachers' Training Course (TTC) offers a treasure of Yogic self-discipline techniques and the essence of Vedanta Philosophy. This four-week course was carefully designed by Swami Vishnu-devananda. It provides, for the practitioner, the essentials to master mind and body as well as to gain the proficiency to teach Yoga to others. It gives the basic map for self development and self realization through the teachings of the 4 paths of Yoga. To note the integral and classical approach of this system of training different from an anatomical or physical approach to Yoga. More than 11,000 Yoga teachers have been trained in this program around the world. Serious students only should apply. (Added: 28-Feb-2003)
  • Ashtanga Yoga with Martin Hunke - Yoga taught by Martin Hunke in the Bay Area. (Added: 17-Apr-2001)
  • Astanga, Viniyoga, Yoga Therapy, Hatha, Iyengar - I am a Yoga Therapist I combine Yoga into private Psychotherapy practice. I also have a studio in San Francisco Ca Namaste' cafe - (A Yoga studio and more)... (Added: 27-Aug-1999)
  • Baptiste Method of Yoga - Richard Parenti - Richard was personally trained by Walt Baptiste. Ongoing classes. Workshops. Meditation. Ayurveda Nutrition. Yoga Psychology. What you learn in our Yoga programs is taught in such a way as to have practical meaning in your everyday life. (Added: 16-Apr-2003)
  • Baptiste Method of Yoga - Sherri Baptiste Freeman - Born into a lineage of Yoga teachers, daughter of Magana and Walt Baptiste. Sherri integrates and brings alive the great Eastern spiritual teachings in an accessible way for Western students and Western society. Classes, products, workshops, retreats and yoga vacations. (Added: 5-Oct-1999)
  • Berkana Center - Traditional Hatha Yoga taught as a consciousness discipline for cultivating awareness and Self-Realization and a deep understanding of what it means to be human. (Added: 18-Mar-2001)
  • Castro Yoga - Over 45 classes each week in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Ananda, general hatha and meditation. Feldenkrais, Yoga for HIV. (Added: 17-Aug-2000)
  • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment - Hatha Yoga/Flow classes for all levels. Mediation classes, Love in Action Ministry Training Program. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Clayton Horton - Clayton Horton, Director of Greenpath Yoga Studio, San Francisco. Traditional Ashtanga and Greenpath Styles. Daily classes, Workshops, retreats, and teachers training. Located in San Francisco's Marina district. (Added: 8-Apr-2002)
  • David McQueen - Classes in Sivananda yoga in San Francisco and the East Bay. (Added: 11-Dec-2002)
  • Elise Browning Miller - From the author of 'Life is a Stretch' yoga classes, workshops, retreats, resources, yoga for scoliosis, books and tapes (Added: 17-Apr-2001)
  • Esalen Institute Movement Arts Yoga - Esalen Institute offers a wide variety of eclectic yoga and dance classes to guests and the local community. (Added: 16-Feb-2000)
  • Gail Dubinsky, M.D. - Orthopedic medicine physician and yoga instructor, specializing in yoga therapeutics for soft tissue injuries and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. R.S.I.? Rx:Yoga! instructional videotape series. Sebastopol, CA (707) 829-7596 (Added: 2-Mar-2000)
  • Heart of Awareness - Teachings of Shanti Lin Rose, a heart centered and contemporary approach to the spiritual path and enlightenment. Articles, column, prayer, and all related to growth and realization. (Added: 6-Apr-2003)
  • HeartMind Yoga - Hatha Yoga in Lake (Harbin Hot Springs) and Marin counties designed for joyful self discovery, awareness, self empowerment, health, and well being. Using asana, bandha, pranayama, mudra, meditation, and increased self awareness in a continuous integrated flow to open and empower our creative/healing potential while learning how to kinesthetically link sky and earth, spirit and nature, sahasrara/muladhara, shiva/shakti, mind/body and so forth as a spiritual practice (self liberation) Teaching since 1972. (Added: 22-Sep-2001)
  • Horner Yoga - Yoga classes and workshops in Walnut Creek, CA, as well as international retreats and workshops. (Added: 23-May-2001)
  • Hridayam Psychospiritual Reintegration Yoga - Guided meditations. Kundalini Yoga. (Added: 24-Apr-2001)
  • Inner Bodyworks Studio - Ashtanga,Iyengar,Restorative,Vinyasa Based Classes (Added: 23-Nov-2001)
  • Inner Flow Yoga with Michael Newman - I offer hatha yoga classes in the Svaroopa style in San Francisco at various locations. Svaroopa yoga (a.k.a.“bliss yoga”) is an awareness-oriented style of hatha yoga that emphasizes deeply yet compassionately releasing tight muscles and opening to a visceral experience of bliss. Props are used to support the body in poses so that you can more fully let go of tension. Each class offers practical tools (body, breath & mental techniques) and contemplations that help you take the peacefulness and balance that yoga cultivates and incorporate them into your daily activities. (Added: 16-Apr-2001)
  • Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco - State approved teacher training, daily yoga classes, workshops, retreats, backcare, prenatal, senior classes. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Iyengar Yoga Teacher Tony Eason - San Francisco - Tony Eason is a graduate of the Two Year Advanced Teacher Training Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. He teaches at the San Francisco Tennis Club, Castro Yoga, and the San Francisco Yoga Society. His teachings are based on intricacy, timing, and sequencing. His teaching includes the use of props to encourage the ultimate benefit from each posture. Through Yoga postures, he teaches students to pay attention to the alignment of their bodies, becoming more aware of their actions and thereby creating a better future for themselves and their community. (Added: 30-Jul-2003)
  • Jamie Lindsay Iyengar & Vinyasa Yoga - Vinyasa & Iyengar classes at the Yoga Loft and Grace Cathedral (by donation) in San Francisco. Intense focus on anatomical awareness. (Added: 28-Nov-2002)
  • Kait Philbin - Yoga Origin|Kait Philbin with Yoga Origin - Kripalu Certified. Eclectic influences. Classes integrate asana, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and philosophy.|Kripalu based hatha yoga classes and private instruction. Classes weave together asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy. (Added: 10-May-2002|23-May-2002)
  • Kali Ray Tri Yoga Center - In-depth study of traditional yoga sadhana (practice) Tri Yoga Flows. Hatha yoga sequences of posture, breath, and mudra. Training intensives. Work-study. (Added: 24-May-1999)
  • Kassandra Genovesi and KGFitness - Private, semi-private, group, and corporate classes influenced by several schools of yoga including Sivananda, Ashtanga, and YogaFit. The emphasis is on your needs and developing a series that works for you. (Added: 18-May-2001)
  • Kia Meaux - Individually designed vinyasa flow classes to fit your personal needs. For all ages and levels of physical fitness. Choose between a series of relaxing or vigorous hatha postures. (Added: 23-Apr-2001)
  • Le Guru is You! ...Hatha Yoga in the Vinyasa tradition... - As a Yoga teacher and artist Paul Reynolds dedicates his personal practice and his teaching philosophy to the premise that we are all "Unlimited Ideas", emanating from One truly inexhaustible source and that the only truly effective teachers are 'Us'. Experience asana, pranayama,and meditation just steps from the Pacific ocean. Discover and remember the true teacher in all of us...US!! (Added: 27-Aug-1999)
  • Mind Body Spirit Conference - An Education Conference featuring the disciplines of yoga, pilates, gyrotonic and nia. (Added: 25-Oct-2001)
  • Mount Madonna Center - Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by Baba Hari Dass. Body/Mind purification, asana, pranayama, mudra (energy-raising techniques), mediation. Certificate (Added: 24-May-1999)
  • Moving Ventures Yoga Adventures - Moving Ventures offers yoga, dance, and bodywork retreats and seminars around the world. The yoga is primarily Ashtanga and/or Iyangar based, the dance is practices inspired by Gabrielle Roth, and the bodywork is based on Esalen massage. (Added: 16-Feb-2000)
  • Nanci Haines - I did my early training in Iyengar, and then my teacher training was with Erich Schiffman. I have a nice mix of vinyasa, Iyengar, and Ashtanga. (Added: 14-Feb-2002)
  • Nancy Sutton's House of Yoga - Various styles of yoga are offered: Iyengar, Ananda, Raja, Restorative, Yogilates, Yamuna Body Rolling and Flow. Specialty workshops every month are offered as well. All levels of practitioner are welcomed. (Added: 3-Mar-2003)
  • NOWYOGA - Iyengar Certified, ongoing classes, workshops. Yoga principles specific for sports: dancers, triathletes, swimmers. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Whole Birth Yoga Classes bring together elements of hatha yoga postures, meditation, self inquiry, and group support adapted to the needs of pregnant women. Whole Birth Yoga Instructors provide a warm and open environment for women to support one another in trusting the birthing process and to inquire together as to what it means to be bringing life into the world. (Added: 5-Aug-2002)
  • Quiet Mind Yoga and Bodyworks - Iyengar Yoga classes and workshops in the East Bay (Oakland/Berkeley) (Added: 26-Jan-2000)
  • Richard C. Miller, Ph.D. - Yoga in the tradition of non-dualism (Advaita). Seminars, classes, teacher training, consultations, mentorships. Mediation, yoga sutra, hatha, pranayama, mudra, yoga nidra. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Rodney Yee - Teaches ongoing public classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training intensives worldwide. Iyengar certified instructor. (Added: 25-May-1999)
  • Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course (TTC) - The Teachers' Training Course (TTC) offers a treasure of Yogic self-discipline techniques and the essence of Vedanta Philosophy. This four-week course was carefully designed by Swami Vishnu-devananda. It provides, for the practitioner, the essentials to master mind and body as well as to gain the proficiency to teach Yoga to others. It gives the basic map for self development and self realization through the teachings of the 4 paths of Yoga. To note the integral and classical approach of this system of training different from an anatomical or physical approach to Yoga. More than 11,000 Yoga teachers have been trained in this program around the world. Serious students only should apply. (Added: 6-May-2002)
  • Susan Winter Ward - Susan Winter Ward is a certified yoga teacher who has studied extensively with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at White Lotus Foundation, and is currently studying Anusara yoga with John Friend. Internationally recognized yoga instructor, author, and video producer. Susan is the creator of Yoga for the Young at Heart, tm, an informative and inspiring collection of CDRom programs, videos, audio tapes, books and television programs, as well as exciting vacation retreats. She has appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal as well as other national publications, and has been featured in and written articles for a variety of national periodicals. (Added: 20-Feb-2000)
  • The Expanding Light Ananda Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Ananda Yoga Teacher Training is much more than just learning to teach Asanas. It is a personal experience of the spiritual dimension of yoga. Ananda Yoga Teacher training prepares you to help awaken that same dimension in your students. In this 28 days , In addition to the asana training, you’ll explore important aspects of yoga philosophy to deepen your understanding of yoga including: Pantanjalis Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and the Chakras. Upon graduation you will be eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Advanced Yoga Teacher training that will bring you to the 500-hour level is also available. Your stay at The Expanding Light will be relaxed and comfortable with great vegetarian food too! We have been teaching yoga and meditation to visitors since 1968. (Added: 23-May-2002)
  • The Yoga & Movement Center - Walnut Creek, CA - The Yoga & Movement Center offers daily classes in Iyengar and Vinyasa Style Hatha Yoga, as well as classes in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, Restorative Yoga, Pre and Postnatal, Kids Yoga, Pilates, Niaâ, T’ai Chi. Various workshops and retreats are offered as well. (Added: 10-Sep-2002)

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