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  • Tibetan Power Yoga: The Essence Of All Yogas--A Tibetan Exer (Added: 30-Jun-1999)
  • Carlos Castaneda - Tibetan Buddhism - Yoga Meditation - Stopping the world, the double, the assemblage point, Tibetan Buddhism, Adi Da. Carlos Castaneda, nagual, don Juan, linked with the quintessence of... (Added: 30-Jun-1999)
  • Emptiness Yoga: The Tibetan Middle Way - "Hopkins deserves congratulations on making this difficult material as transparent as possible in discussing major themes of Prasangika. The work serves well as a guide to the complex world of Tibetan philosophy."--E.K. Dargyay, Religious Studies Review (Added: 30-Jun-1999)
  • Rei Ki Tummo - Rei Ki Tummo, this tradition is very different from other Usui Rei Ki or Usui based Rei Ki traditions. Rei Ki Tummo is a very unique and special Rei Ki that awakens the attunee's Kundalini in its second- degree attunement. Tummo means Inner Fire, a Tibetan word for Kundalini. Rei Ki Tummo also has the potential superiority in awakening Kundalini and aides the cleansing and purification processes of Kundalini thus giving consciousness expansion for the practitioners. (Added: 15-Oct-2002)
  • Tibetan Pulsing Yoga - This is the opening ritual for the secret temple work. This work is so precious that it will be passed on only in an atmosphere of silence and meditation. "THE TEMPLE" is not describing the facility, the building, "THE TEMPLE" is YOU. The Temple initiation prepares you for entering your own inner temple, the sacred space of your heart. (Added: 30-Jun-1999)

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