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Yoga Personals


You must be at least 18 years of age or older to use this service. 

YogaDirectory.com does not screen or investigate advertisers or their personal information that they provide to us and does not assume representation or responsibility for the consequences of any contact or interaction an advertiser may have with other advertisers. YogaDirectory.com is not responsible for anyone that  may contact anyone that advertises with us for  we have no way of knowing who calls advertisers and of what character they may be.

YogaDirectory.com has no procedure to and does not prescreen or investigate individuals who place personal advertisements or who respond to personal advertisements, and, therefore, we can not and do not assume any responsibility or liability of any kind for information, data and other contents thereof, for any contacts received or any meetings that may subsequently result (whether by telephone, in person or by any other means), or for any other consequences of any and all kind(s) whatsoever (whether indirect or indirect). People that advertise with us and people that  respond to anyone's advertisements are solely responsible for any and all of their actions. 

YogaDirectory.com does reserve that right to refuse any advertisement or terminate any advertisement when it deems necessary or if misconduct is in question, it is at our sole discretion in regards to this matter. Neither YogaDirectory.com nor any of its agents, employees, or anyone that is contracted for services by YogaDirectory.com shall be liable to an advertiser or respondent, or his/her agents, family, heirs or others, and advertiser and/or respondent hereby waives any and all claims for any damages of any form caused by or sustained as a result of any contact or interaction with anyone that they encounter or meet in any manner whether by direct or indirect use of the service of YogaDirectory.com. Any and all addendum's (additions or changes) are hereby incorporated by reference and are enforceable as part of this agreement. YogaDirectory.com does reserve the right to edit and or exclude any content of an ad that an advertiser submits to us. Though we will make every effort possible we are not responsible for any typographical error(s) or omissions of any advertisement.

Attorney's Fees. In the event of any lawsuit between the parties concerning any claim by one party against the other party with respect to the breach or default of the party under the terms and conditions of this agreement, the                       prevailing party shall be entitled to recover  any and all reasonable attorney's fees and any other such costs that may apply.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Meeting a new person is just that, don't think of any meeting as a date, you are meeting a  new friend that you may or may not be compatible with, but, at least, may turn into a nice friendship. Nothing in life is without emotional or physical risk. Although many of the individuals advertising with us are simply looking for that special someone, others might   have motives not matching your own. 

Please use common sense and take a few  precautions when meeting someone for the first time. For starters make sure that you feel comfortable with whom you are planning to  meet. If you don't feel comfortable with them then Do Not Meet Them! Make sure, at least on your first meeting, that you meet with this persona in a public place, perhaps a restaurant or a coffee house. Choose a location that you   both feel comfortable with, this will help ease the inherent tensions, and increase your feelings of safety. Do this at least for the first few subsequent meetings, and NEVER give  out your address or employer until you are very sure about the character of the other person. Remember, there are opportunists and unruly characters out there. 

Other suggestions prior to meeting are for you to exchange photos with the other person, this will increase the chance of physical acceptance, and reduce disappointing surprises. Also be very honest about yourself, so the other person is not surprised either. Be sure to ask probing questions about the person prior to meeting them for the first time.

Any obscene language, lude or crude remarks, sexually explicit remarks, offering of gifts, or otherwise offensive conduct cannot and will not be tolerated and the offending listing will be removed immediately.

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