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Women seeking Men

Ad #: WM008  Subject: Spark to Spark, the stars are ours...
Posted on: 04/21/00  City: Los Angeles State: CA  Country: USA
Reply to: erose1@earthlink.net

Warm, curvy, super-smart creative, yogini, dakini, woman (37) seeks
similar slim, soulful well rounded gentle-man (late 20's to mid forties).
cosmopolitan and cultured, but loves our earthmother and can find quiet
moments. Won't discuss tantra unless you've read 'Passionate
Enlightenment', 'The Lover Within' and John Welwood. I'm not a vegetarian. Love to read, talk, walk, sing and dance joyfully. Moderation in all things (incl. moderation).I am a singer and love music from Patti Smith to Sheila Chandra and all paths in between. I find my spirit and inspiration in many places from zen sitting to sweats, poetry and science and seek someone similarly well-rounded, open minded, sincere and non-judgemental to play and explore and do the work we we're put here for. Can't leave L.A. for a while, so I'd like to find someone I can get to know here over time. Buddha was a yogi. Blessed be.

Ad #: WM007  Subject: Ashtanga-friends
Posted on: 03/13/00  City: Oulu State: Oulu  Country: Finland
Reply to: wwhaleysmile@hotmail.com

I am new comer to Ashtanga - yoga path and 
I would like to make international friendships  for deeper philosophical
conversations in order to elevate ordinary life. And thus refine my poetry
and art.
Spiritual relationship is welcome my life 
as well ,if the same melody is found.

Greetings to all Underdog-ashtanginis!


Ad #: WM006  Subject: The charming woman
Posted on: 03/09/00  City: Saratov State: Saratov  Country: Russia
Reply to: aligote_1999@yahoo.com

To me 32 years, my growth 1.60, my weight of 50 kgs. At me a light
hair and blue eyes.  I love travels, animals, nature. But the largest and main dream in my life - is the happy family. I very much wanted to meet the man from the countries of Europe or America in the age of from 35 till 40 years supplied, sure in myself, careful. I am interested only by(with) the serious attitudes(relations). 

Ad #: WM005  Subject: Tibetan Tantrika seeks match
Posted on: 12/05/99  City: The Rockies State: Bliss  Country: USA
Reply to: wellspring@juno.com

SWF, Tibetan Buddhist of 20 years, tantric sex practitioner of 8 years. Authentic instruction in two main systems of Tibetan tantra and some familiarity with Hindu tantra.  A little chubby and lumpy but more than capable of flexibility and stamina required.  Seeking male 45-55 y/old with equal level of experience in Hindu or Tibetan tradition.  I have a bold and direct personality but I am also very sensitive to others' feelings and adapt accordingly. In tantra, I am very sesual and intuitive about my partner's sensations and emotions.  Intellectually and experientially curious about everything.  Well travelled, well educated, well-employed.  Would like to correspond and possibly talk on phone for considerable time before making any decisions or plans.  I live in a relatively remote location and an unable to take time off to travel until Spring, but would have plenty of time for a guest.  Plenty to do in spare time.  Peace to you, my future yogi friend and lover.

Ad #: WM004  Subject: Seeking...
Posted on: 06/17/99  City: Los Angeles  State: CA  Country: USA
Reply to: luz99@flashmail.com

Iím a 31 year old African-American female, 5í2 and full-figured with brown eyes and shoulder-length black hair. I love writing stories, listening to music, playing the piano and watching movies in my spare time. I also like spending time with friends. Mostly, I enjoy being at home, I have two children and Iím very family-oriented. Those closest to me always come first. I lean spiritually towards Eastern beliefs and meditate regularly. I also have a strong interest in metaphysical healing. Iím looking for someone who is kind, sincere, and happy with his life. Ambition and material success isnít as important to me as being stable, consistent, and knowing what he wants out of life. An interest in the arts and good communication is ideal. He definitely must have room in his heart for my kids. Honesty, non-judgmental, tolerance, integrity, and a killer sense of humor is essential. Please be in California or open to relocation. Iím hoping to find my partner, soulmate and best friend. Could it be you?

Ad #: WM003  Subject: ARE YOU OUT THERE?
Posted on: 06/16/99  City: Denver  State: CO Country: USA
Reply to: Brntwdgirl@aol.com

Namaste! My name is Deb, and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am hopeing that you are still ourthere, and you are looking for me. You are a single male, between the ages of 35 and 45, though age is a state of mind. Hair color does not matter, nor do the color of your eyes. On the inside I
would like someone who is a spiritual being, like me, and very open minded. You should also be in the Chinese astrology venue a horse, monkey or pig, since I am a dragon/leo. You are also intelligent, witty, passionate, compassionate and a man who is not afraid to be in touch w/his feelings. Being a woman who knows her own mind, I would also hope that you are sort of tall and, and I may be blunt and bold, well off in the Lingham area. I have had both small and big, but I prefer big. Please...no married men, couples or game players...you are out there, I know it...here I am. Lets get together and see what our souls think. Peace, light and most of all love.

Ad #: WM002  Subject: Bemused Goddess awaiting the Beloved 
Posted on: 06/15/99  City: Central California Beachtown State: CA  Country: US  Reply to: GoddessBliss@wowmail.com

Red haired, blue eyed goddess, luscious, witty, 48 and youthful yet wise, warm and languid, literal, sensual, energetic, and beautiful, studying Tantra and moving into the light... Am a writer by trade and committed to improving my community and raising my beautiful son... Awaiting a
man of integrity, wisdom and strength, who is able to lead and follow, speak truth and honor silence, and who understands the need for a woman to surrender and yet retain her power... A man who can command yet carries his presence quietly and whose innocence and beauty shine
through... You love children, animals and the great natural world we live in, adore ritual, prayer/meditation and value sanctity, are healthy and happy, and not afraid to "stand in the fire". Life is a great adventure. Let's travel the road of growth together in bliss and acceptance. No smokers, prefer non-light drinkers and zero drugs. Also prefer that you live within reasonably close proximity to the sun-kissed central California coast. Friends by e-mail first. Joy awaits you! *** Namaste' and Blessings***

Ad #: WM001  Subject: Fascinated by the powers of kundalini 
Posted on: 6/15/99  City: VA BEACH  State: VA Country: US
Reply to: BISATYA@aol.com

Hello I am a twenty four year old, 5'9 goddess like figure curvacious, strong, massage therapist, amazing dancer ( belly, african, tribal, contact improvisation) athletic(ski,swim,bike,etc) I have developed my sense and awareness of my own energy greatly in   past year. I have explored tantra with a teacher and temporary partner. I am attracted to tall built, athletic, muscular men who are comfortable in the transition of their male/female
energies and willing to explore roles. I just completed school and am open to travel to meet possible companions to experience tantra as a means to explore the powers of my own energies and gain connection, ecstacy and bliss. I feel tantra can be explored on many levels with or without long term commitment. Write to hear more and get picture. The possibilities
are endless.

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